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07 May 2009

A bit of this & a little of that

One hundred posts in under 4 months. I knew i would be verbose, talkative, stuffy, trite, tiresome. I was called "Chatty Cathy" as a young child & hated it.

We were notified yesterday that a woman in our church, Karen, died very unexpectedly. I thought the message was a mistake for Karen has been taking care of her mother who is dying. But it was the daughter caring for the mother who died. I'm not sure, i think Karen is - was - in her late 50s. Her kids are grown & in their late 20s or older. If you think of it today, please pray for Karen's family as this must be such a shock to them.

Some folks in our church heard that i like irises. I guess they have a lot. So they brought me a whole bag of iris bulbs & instructions on how to plant them. Whooo-hooo! Next year i'll have irises to join my tulips & trillium! :)

I had three people this week ask me if i've lost weight. Nice thought. But the scale stays stubbornly at the same place (+/- 2 pounds).

Duane put up shelves for me on Sunday afternoon. So i've moved all my books, set up a cozy corner for me to read or use my laptop. Maybe i'll post pics of it later today.

Our weather has been unusually warm, in the 70s during the day, & lows in the 40s, which is highly unusual. We shouldn't have such warm weather for another 6 weeks or so. But i think it has been warmer all over. OC is having summertime weather already.

My bad not to give credit to the pics i used
in the last post. Those were all taken by Sis #3. Two years ago August was my grandmother's 90th birthday. Sis went & took many pics she shared with me. Most were of family. Didn't she do a great job with a point & shoot camera?

We chose not to go for that birthday, tho it was a little hard for me. It seemed like i should be there to honor my grandmother. But we had been there only a year & a half before, & i knew i would have to be going for this wedding anniversary. (I would feel compelled by conscience to be there.) And i have no intention of making a habit or establishing a pattern of being there every 2 years, so we didn't go to the birthday.

I have a ton of laundry to do in the next couple of days. And a messy kitchen to clean. And 82 invitations to a Wedding Anniversary to send out. I need to get busy.

Thank y'all for the comments on my last post. I seriously debated putting that "in print" so to speak. It is so very bizarre, & i have had people in my past not believe me, which makes it even that much harder.

If it sounds like i've not healed yet it isn't so. Those memories had not occurred to me for a long time. Somehow this week's Mother's day & the coming visit dredged them up. But God has healed me. He has even, somewhat, healed my relationship with my mother. Sometimes i think it could be healed further if i were willing, but the fact is i don't want to be close to her. I still find that idea scary. However, from the experiences of my sisters, i don't think it is possible to be close to her in a healthy way.

There are things that are painful yet & will always be painful, but they did not destroy me & they no longer dictate my life. I am, however shaped by them. That's not a bad thing.


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