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04 May 2009

Four, three, two, one

Curly Muse has tagged me for a four. You go to your fourth album & choose your fourth pic to share. My albums are in chronological time. I'm going to whine a little as my 4/4 is very boring.

It was taken about a month after i met Duane. He was in Wisconsin with his family for a wedding. I was not there. I only know about half the folks in this pic. I don't remember all their names. This was taken in his Aunt Regina's kitchen.

So i'm going farther, & doing 3/3, 2/2, & 1/1. Not that they are all that interesting, either.

Three of three was taken at his sister's triathlon in San Clemente, in 2003. I had not met any of his family at this point, & knew i was
going to meet his sis (step-sis, but they were very close), her husband, & his niece Kassidy. When we were headed to the starting point to watch them off & looking for BIL & Kass, some woman went by us & said something like: "They aren't here yet but soon will be." I assumed she was talking to someone else, but no. She was talking to us. It was Duane's mom. He didn't know she would be there. It was kind of a shock to my system (shy me) to meet his mom & step-dad when i didn't know it was coming. On the other hand, it saved me some worry in advance!

Two of two is a pic of the creek near my parents' &
grandparents' homes.

Pic one of one is interesting, because it is the only pic i have of Katie. She was the daughter of Duane's step-brother & his wife. She died a few months before i met Duane. This is the pic that will pop up by default on my computer, because it is the first one so i've seen it alot. I'd never given it much thought, but last Thanksgiving the family came by to see Sugarbear (our house we'd bought the winter before). Duane was showing various different pics & this one popped up. His sister in law was so excited. She'd never seen this pic & said it is the best she has ever seen of herself & Katie. So Duane made copies for them.

Sorry, i can't do anything like anyone else.

Here are the four i'm tagging:

David @ Sugarloaf Mountain

Abigail @ Rear Window

Jingle @ Just Jingle

Jana @ I Can't Wanna

I'm off to let them know!


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