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16 May 2009

Memorial & reflection

We had the memorial today for the lady who died recently. Her name was Karen. If you think of her family, please pray for them. Karen's death was very unexpected & i think the family is having a hard time.

In some ways i believe death should be a celebration. It is opening the door to be in the presence of God. I think we don't reflect on this enough.

But the hard part of death is for those of us left, & the ongoing loss & promise cut short.

Karen was only 56. Her daughter is not yet married, & her younger son is soon to be married. There are grandchildren there she will never know or influence.

I think this idea of loss came home to me clearly for the first time this week. I've had loss before. I've lost several near & dear friends whom i miss very much. That i can't pick up the phone & chat with them or go to lunch is difficult. But in many ways a near loss, brother/sister/parent has not occurred in my life.

A couple of days ago i posted the pics of some pink glads that had originally been sown by Duane's sister Laura. I know of Laura. I've seen her pics & know her birthday was 4th of July. Duane does not often speak of her, & his mom only on rare occasion. Laura was married, but had not yet had children when she died.

Somehow those glads made Laura real to me in a way she never had been before. And i was aware of the sense of loss. I would have had a sister in law. Nieces &/or nephews (grandchildren for my MIL) unborn. A sister to garden with. Conversations never spoken. A big loss i had never truly understood before.

Obviously Duane has had more loss than i, close personal. First his dad had a brain aneurysm that robbed him of his senses, then his sister died, then his dad actually died.

But somehow, today & this week i've been thinking of loss in the loss of promise & potential.

But my MIL & i think Laura is caring for Kaylee in heaven. My MIL says Laura loved children.


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Rosemary said...

I'm so very sorry for your loss, that is too young. I think you make a good point that those who leave this life are (in a sense) the lucky ones because they have thrown off the mortal coil (as the saying goes) and are touching the face of God. They're reunited with those they have lost and are on the greatest adventure that we all hope to have someday.

That said, being the ones left here in life on earth are saddened, grieving, and missing our loved ones dearly. But time heals us and there comes a day when we can talk about them and not get that tear or the catch in the throat and we can laugh about the good times and remember them so lovingly without the heavy heart.