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08 May 2009

Ok, some things are just funny

Having a slow day here.

Head over to Finding yourself despite yourself. Erin has chickens her neighbors hate. I thought her farewell to her rooster just too funny for words. You really have to check it out.

She's gluten-free also.

Going to give a plug for a couple of others. Jessie @ Blog Schmog. She writes about her life, but also a lot of info on gluten free/celiac.

Alison at Wholesome Goodness also writes about healthy eating & most of her recipes are gluten free. I haven't tried it yet, but her most recent post was on a Decadent GF Chocolate Layer Cake.

Annemarie at Cheeseslave writes about healthy eating. I don't remember if she does gluten free, but she has good advice on eating healthy. She has a give away currently.

Thru Cheeseslave i found this wonderful site called Gluten Free Easily. Her current post is one of the best i've read on healthy eating & "affording" to eat gluten free. In brief: give up the processed "food" whether gluten free or standard.

And as always, Linda at the Gluten-Free Homemaker has a ton of recipes & good info.

Ok, i'm off to try & tackle my messy kitchen & play with an attempt at a gluten free squaw bread. If it turns out well i'll post the recipe. If not, i'll moan about it! :)



Amrita said...

Hi Kathryn

David said...

i'm home and sun burned

Linda said...

Thanks for the link! I hope your bread turned out. I look forward to the recipe.

Rosemary said...

Yum, bread - any kind and anywhere. YUM YUM YUM!!!