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24 July 2009

Early AM

We live in an eclectic neighborhood. Several of the homes nearby are owned by people who are "full timers." A couple are rented by "full timers" also. A few are owned by folks who are "weekenders." And some, but mostly about a block away, are rentals for weekends (like motels). Very common up here in this resort area, but not so many in our neighborhood. So it is a nice blend. (Duane & i are "full time" because we don't own another home somewhere else. But work does require us to be away a couple of days a week. :( We'd rather be home, but have to go where we can work.)

The two houses directly across the street from us are owned by "K" a full timer & "D" a weekender. K owns chickens & D has a cockatoo he brings up with him. The cockatoo can be quite loud.

Last weekend D was building a deck & Duane went over to help with that. When he came home we sat out on our porch swing for a while watching the world & talking.

Eventually Duane asked me, "Do you hear K's rooster in the mornings?" (He sleeps thru anything, but i wake easily & early.)

"No," i replied.

"D does!" Duane responded (with maybe a little glee behind the thought.)

Now, i can't imagine having my bedroom next to a loud rooster (well, actually i can. When we lived in Costa Mesa one of my neighbors evidently had trouble waking up & would set his alarm EXTREMELY loud & it would go on & on. Weekends he'd be away & it would still go as he wasn't home to shut it off. Annoying beyond words.) I know that at 5 AM a loud rooster is not a laughing matter. But at the moment it did strike me as funny, & we laughed rather hard.

When we stopped laughing i asked, "Why would K have a rooster? I thought he was keeping them for eggs?"

"I don't know," Duane answered. "But D is very aware of it."

Then something struck me - "He's going to be very unhappy if his cockatoo learns to imitate that rooster!"

This hit us both as very funny & we laughed a lot.

I'm thinking of it this AM because i do hear the rooster in the early AM quiet. But it is not that loud & would not wake me if i was not already awake. The rooster is not nearly as loud for me as the cockatoo the weekends the cockatoo is here.

(Photo is a stock photo from Google images.)



Rosemary said...

Oh my gosh, a rooster crowing in the early morning hours is not my idea of a fun experience! But then again, I'm not much of a morning person. This is a sweet, fun post!

Bobkat said...

A rooster would definitely wake me up and I would not be impressed!

I must admit I smiled at the thought of the cockatoo imitating the rooster, LoL!