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10 July 2009

My office

I came across a post by someone stuck in "a cave" of an office that had no windows. Dr. Geske talked about moving me to another room that has no windows. In some ways that wouldn't be bad. The window in my office makes summer afternoons very warm. But i think i would miss the window a lot.

That post made me realize i haven't posted much (at all) about my office. I took some pics long ago to put on my website, but haven't done so yet.

So here are some pics from my office in Costa Mesa. I had not realized the quality of these isn't that good. Guess i need some different ones for my website.

Our wonderful office administrator, Lori.

This is Drs. Cheri Ketner & Dean Geske.
Dr. Ketner has retired from chiropractic work since this pic was taken.

And here are some from the spa where i sometimes work in Big Bear Lake. I usually do "outcall" - going to a home or bed & breakfast - these days. But sometimes i still work at this little spa. Two different massage rooms, these tables are not in the same room.



Amrita said...

You work in such aposh place. its like a luxury hotel in my eyes.

gfe--gluten free easily said...

It looks like a very relaxing place to be a client, and a good place to work. :-) I just had a massage on Friday. Made a big difference! I wanted to be lose before our big motorcycle trip on Friday. ;-)