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28 August 2009

I am SO blessed!

I was so blessed to have Kimmy here again today.

She helped me fold sheets & straighten up the "cat free" room (that we don't use much & keep cat-free because my sister has a moderate allergy).  She washed down the trim & garage door that we plan to paint & got some of the cobwebs as well.  She got cobwebs in the house, & swept out & straightened the garage, & cleaned the mud room (laundry room, cat litter box room), & vacuumed & did dishes.  How could i possibly NOT be blessed!  

And she is such a sweetheart & encouragement to me.  And she likes the things i make!  I finally got around to making the fat burner soup, she liked that.  And i made a chocolate shake with raw milk & organic coco & acai powder & maca powder ice & almond (& agave nectar - i don't consider that last healthy, but i'm using up what i have bought); she loved it!  I wasn't sure she would.  Duane got his usual smoothie with OJ, a banana, frozen strawberriew & blueberries.  And Kimmy cleaned this all up for me!  Isn't she wonderful!

My biggest problem is that she is going to Australia in October & will be gone a year.  I don't know what i'll do without her!  I wish i'd taken a pic of her sweet face to post.  :)  She is absolutely beautiful.  

And, the plan is to get a massage from friend David tonight, too.  So many blessings!

The rash doesn't look any better, but i'm alternating hydrocortisone cream & benedryl cream with the nystatin, & at least i'm not itching.  I don't consider either of those creams good for me (they are filled with chemicals like parabens & propolene glycol) but as a short term stop-gap to getting healed, this is a good place to be.  Oh, i have tried some homeopathic things.  I've a long list of natural things that i've tried that were less successful than i hoped they would be.  Maybe i'll post that another time.

It has been quite warm today.  It got up to 84F, even the breeze feels warm.  Downstairs is still comfortable, however, last night dropped to 41F, so the heat doesn't last too long.  Duane's office feels uncomfortably warm to me, but he likes it that way.

Curly Muse - don't ever apologize for your comments!  I so appreciate you.  I am looking for a doc who has knowledge of immune problems.  The acupuncture doc recommended someone i'm going to check out.  Will post on how that pans out.  

I put blogger's new thingy on here; i'm finding it a challenge to do the pics.  I haven't many to share.  The one shows a little of the mountains behind Sugarbear.  (If you read David's blog, he is closer to that mountain than are we.)  These bushes are junipers.  They are currently covered with berries.  A neighbor child thought they were berry bushes.  Since he has said that i've been quite taken with the idea of replacing these with bushes that produce fruit - blueberries, raspberries, something.  BUT, if you had any idea how extensive these bushes are, how rocky the ground is, & what a job it would be to dig these up - it may not happen.  

So, i'm ending thankful for my all friends - bloggers, internet email pals, & those up close that i can touch; also all our many blessings.  I'm thankful i don't have to worry about petrol being stolen from my car (our current one does not lock, but the last 2 i had did) nor that folks will steal my decorations.  I'm thankful that the house will be in shape i won't be ashamed of showing my family thanks to the hard work or Kimmy & the help of Duane.  I'm thankful that i'm not as uncomfortable with the rash as i was previously.  And i'm just thankful in general.  God is good.  :)



Amrita said...

Hi Kathryn, your Kimmy is just like my Sonia. She come twice a year with her son. I relax during that time. She was a great help during Mummy 's illness, her husband too is very helpful.

Hope your massage went well.

Like what you say about things not getting stolen.LOL

Homeopathic cream called Witchhazel is good for skin problems.

I wish I lived near or on a mountainside.

Lorna said...

Kathryn, get an itch cream that has cortisone in it. That's what I use, and it works.