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03 August 2009

Promised pics

One of the stained glass windows in our church.
I had to angle it like this to cut the glare.
You can't see it in this pic, but there actually are fishies in the sea.

The wonderful Mister Duane was able to help at VBS on Friday.

This little pinion pine was a pain & a lot of work to remove.
It was growing where we didn't want another tree to come up.
We put it in a planter thinking Sis #3 might like it come Christmas,
but i don't know if it will survive. It didn't keep any of its
soil when we got it up because the soil was too sandy to hold on.

Because the pinion was so difficult to remove at about 18 inches in height,
we've decided to remove the other ones as early as we can.
I like trees, but we already have 12 conifers on the property.

These are the apricots or peaches, whichever they turn out to be.

These last two are of the apples, so far.

The new trees. Pear is on the left, cherry on the right.

This is my view most every day.
Yet i was surprised to see how bare our yard looks in this pic
'cause when i look outside i look at the trees & greens, not the bareness.
The planter box Duane built is on the left.
Plan is to put more, straight in front but not blocking the "drive" eventually.

Same view, different angle.
We drive across this & park the Trooper (which we rarely use)
over on the left side.
The burgandy tree is a non-fruit plum, which disappointed us greatly.
We'd rather have a fruit tree there.
Neither Duane nor i like this tree at all, but removing it would be such a pain.

This one is Mister Pulled-most-of-the-hair-off-his-tail.
It is growing back now.

This one was taken last spring.
I think it is funny how they will lie flat
on this corner of the deck railing.

These all look so much better & more colorful if you click on the pic to blow it up.



small farm girl said...

Your place looks really nice!

Curly Muse said...

Hi, I am back after being gone for a while!! I loved the pictures of the trees. One question how do you know if it will peaches or apricots? Do they come from the same tree?

Amrita said...

Your pictures are very interesting.

Lucious fruit. Its too hot here to grow pears, peaches , cherries and apples. Tried peaches though....didn 't work.

The chipmunks look buy.

Your front yard looks very nice.

Kathryn said...

C.M. - i won't know until they start to get ripe. If i knew more about fruit i might know now, but i'm kind of clueless.

Peaches & apricots do not grow on the same tree unless one has been grafted on the other.

We'll know in a few weeks, but apricots make the most sense because of the size of them. But they are awfully fuzzy for apricots.

Glad you're back. Looking forward to your posts. :)

Rosemary said...

Oh, these are lovely to look at! I don't see bareness either, I guess I'm focused on all the pretty greenery. Also, love seeing the squirrel, you have got a great camera to capture all the different views from the up close of the squirrel (hope that tail keeps growing back in) to the panorama.

Land of shimp said...

That all looks very lovely indeed!

We used to have a neighbor who called all squirrels "Sparky" which amused me to no end. When he had to chop down a tree in his front yard, since it was actually diseased, he built Sparky a condo in the backyard trees, having let all the Sparkys live in it for a while in the front tree before moving it to the back. Very nice man, worried about displacing the Sparkys of the land.

Hey, if you ever really find yourself craving grass, consider Buffalo Grass, that's what our yard in Denver was. It's very drought tolerant, and requires no additional watering. It's a much paler green, and you'd never mistake it for Kentucky Blue Grass, but it works well in dry climates.

Also, just let me know if you need that non fruit bearing plum tree knocked off, because evidently I have the gift for causing those poor things to turn up their roots and die! Both of ours died since we moved in here (in truth, the summer was too wet for them here).

Take care! Let us know what fruit the mystery trees bear!

Dawn said...

Love the picutures. Even if they are apricots they will be just (wait for it)