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07 September 2009


Well, nearly done. Tomorrow AM, about 9, we will head down the hill to OC & work, & mother & daddy will head to San Diego with Sis #3. They fly out Friday. Sis #3 has taken a couple of days off work to show them San Diego. They also will meet the guy she's been dating.

The visit went well. As well as one can. Friday my dad started the pull out cabinet for my closet under the stairs that i use for storage & a pantry. Saturday daddy & Duane finished it with pull out shelves. Yesterday after church we visited a couple of antique shops in town. We drove around the lake & around the North Shore some. In the evening we watched The Princess Bride which my parents had not seen. (I was holding out for A Knight's Tale, my favorite. Princess Bride is Duane's.)

Today we did a variety of things. Breakfast, then i took mother & daddy for a drive thru parts of the area they've not seen while Sis #3 painted trim for me, & this gave Duane some time to get some work in. Then we went to town for a late lunch/early dinner. And then we went up on a mountain road overlooking the valley. This last was a mistake as i do get car sick. I've been on that road before, but never after a meal. I didn't actually become sick, only nauseous (& terribly uncomfortable) & taking ginger pills when we got home helped.

I did bake cookies (previously made, just waiting to be baked) when we got back. We visited some, & then folks went to bed. Mother & daddy are still rather on a KY schedule, so we eat late to them, & they go to bed rather early.

Over all it went well, but in truth i've found it difficult. I'm so exhausted, so very, very tired. Largely because i've not slept more than 4 to 5 hours at a time for over a week now. And i've not paced myself with lying down as much as i really needed to. I'm going to bed tonight with a migraine & sincere hopes i can sleep it off.

But over all i'm doing well. I don't really know why this visit was so hard this time. I do appreciate the visit & the things they've done for us, but i found it very hard over all. My sleep pattern is very similar to that the last 2-3 years i lived with them. And i can't help but be thankful that this is no longer normal for me. After a week of such deprivation i'm barely functional & extremely emotionally labile. I can't even remember how horrible it was to live in such a state 24/7 with no hope in sight. I don't WANT to remember it, either. And, to be honest, it is hard to know that i can't relax with them or feel comfortable visiting.

Sis #3 can. She can visit & sleep & relax & feel like it is a "vacation" visiting them. I, on the other hand, am keyed up & on high alert the whole time i'm around them.

Oh, well. Someone mentioned the rash. It is better. I'm taking the meds (topically) twice a day. It feels like it is getting better - until i miss a dose. I didn't put it on last night before bed & this AM it was very uncomfortable. This tells me i need to do an internal candida cleanse as well as this topical stuff, but it will have to wait a little while.

Thanks for listening, caring, supporting, praying. :)

I'll post pics of stuff in a day or so.



Dawn said...

Sending love and HUGS:)

Meadowlark said...

I wish things were easier for you. I only understand in the tiniest way. I do not get along with my only brother. As bad as it sounds, I hope he does not attend my son's wedding. I want it to be a wonderful time, not a big blowout.

So I'll send you peace.