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08 October 2009

Better today

Yeah, better. But . . . the stupid insomnia cycle has begun.

For whatever reason, once i have one of those nights when i am woken around 2 or 3, it continues for a while. Last night again i was awake for a couple of hours in the middle of the night. It makes AMs difficult, but once i drag myself thru the PM seems to be better. Still, i had Duane drive home today, however. Didn't want to take a chance with drowsiness during that long drive on the freeway. I usually drive 'cause i get carsick & my driving makes it easier for him for he is often doing business on the phone when we drive.

Today is day 45 for me, but i'm not pregnant. :( The doc had wanted me to run some tests this month, but i can't run them until the new cycle begins. So, wait, wait, wait.

I told Kathie - the acupuncture doc - today about the "sleep study" & she was angry with (joining/as well as) me & said that currently the way "sleep studies" are done is simply a scam for CPAP. Oh, boy, don't i agree with that. But she also told me that more research on this would not help. And, i find that she is right. I sent a list of questions to the study center & did get a response, but what they said & what the tech indicated are not the same numbers. (They told me 60-70% of folks are put on CPAP, but the tech indicated that it is nearly 100%.) If they don't give me the proper stats i would not have been able to know this in advance.

I do tend to obsess on things for a while before i'm able to let go of them. (And, yes it drives me nuts & i wish my mind didn't work this way. I feel like a terrier worrying a rat. EFT helps sometimes & i do pray about these things.) If, as i suspect that sleep study centers are largely a scam, it would be good if someone did some investigative reporting on them, but i'm not the person to do so. And, i'm not saying that everything they do is bad. Some folks, maybe even 50% or more that go there are benefited by something to help with obstructive airway issues. The problem is that there are about 70 different types of sleep disorders, but the way these places are operating makes the assumption that everyone will have obstructive sleep apnea. About 5 of the 70 conditions actually mimic apnea, but they have different causes & treatment. They are not doing the best they can do, but are taking the simplest way out to make money.
So, enough complaining & beating a dead horse.

I've been put up for a "Kreativ Blogger" award. Wannabemommy listed me as one, which is indeed so very sweet. Think i'll do that post tomorrow.

The tomato plants didn't survive our cold snap even under the glass greenhouse. It got down to 16 F two nights in a row & the days were in the upper 40s. Yesterday's high was 51 & the low 20, but today got to 63 & the low to 26. So we may continue to have lovely fall weather.

Think i've mentioned before that BB Valley is traveled largely by a main road & it is easy to only travel that road & miss a lot. Last week i was in a part of Moonridge i'd not been before, & the view were absolutely fantastic! I'm hoping to have a chance to take the camera tomorrow & capture some pics. If i do i'll post them.

Next week will be a weird one. The office is closed most of the week, so i'm staying home but Duane is not. So he'll be gone for that. Then home Thur. Then he is going to "SAR City" - Search & Rescue weekend. Will be gone Fri, Sat, & return home Sunday. Sounds like i should come up with something creative to do in that time. Wish my sis would visit, but i don't know.

Oh, i've been having pain in a fashion that indicates i've had gluten. Until recently the only place i could have gotten it was pizza. Pizza! I think it had been 3 years since i'd last had it & i've discovered that a place called "Z Pizza" has a gluten-free, organic pizza. So i've been going a little nuts with it - having it every chance i get for the last 2 weeks. (No, there is not one in Big Bear, so i've only the chance when i'm down the mountain.) I've been getting a wonderful vegetarian one with cheeses including ricotta & with artichoke hearts. YUM!

The Z Pizza in Newport Beach near St. James Church (& i attend a Wednesday noon service there) is really good & the person who is in charge of it is very interested in providing "safe" food for folks. So Wednesday i asked about the possibility of "cross contanimation" - that they might have put the dough on a surface that had had glutened stuff on it. No, they are very careful to put it on a clean waxed paper & not to use flour or even cornmeal. I kind of shrugged - i can't imagine where else i would have gotten gluten, but it is very easy to get it accidentally. A few minutes later the guy said to me, "No ricotta for you!" He checked the packaging & it indicated "modified food starch" - which can be made from wheat. I'm still not 100% sure, but it is a good possiblity. This guy said he's going to email corporate about it. The founder of Z Pizza is both gluten & lactose intolerant this man told me.

It has definitely been an interesting week! I appreciate all comments & support. Please know that while i've been uncomfortable, it is not as bad as i might make it sound here. This is my outlet so i tend to complain too much. Hope everyone who happens by here is having a blessed week. :)


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Rosemary said...

You're not complaining too much, this is YOUR blog and it is an outlet for you!

I'm so sorry you have this insomnia, I used to suffer bouts of it, it has eased over the years.

What a wonderful business to take the time to help figure out what was causing the symptoms of the gluten issue for you. Seriously, how many other places would do something like that????

HUGS from the East Coastie and I'm hoping and praying you get rest, sweetie.