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28 October 2009

It's going to be another long day

I hate insomnia!

I'll probably sit around in a daze for most of the AM. Drooling. Not a pretty picture.

If my brain engages later i may write about:

Polite fiction. Lavendar/what to do? Gitz/Sara Frankl (or save the time & go there now). Friends/family. Feeling sorry for myself (but only if i can gain some perspective on it). Perceptions - weight. Oh, & i have some pics for "a study on Sugarloaf Mountain."

Now, if only i drank coffee!



David Edward said...

you have permission to be a blurry eyed drooling zombie for ONE day

Land of shimp said...

I think there is a possibility that I would die without coffee. Or I would certainly want to! Two cups a day in the morning keeps me from all manner of transgressions.

Not to mention it's yummy.

I hope you are feeling better, and that your insomnia breaks soon. I know a fairly effective insomnia "cure" but is best employed rarely. Get up, out of bed and put a clean, dry blanket into the dryer for twenty minutes. Just sit up on the couch and read while that is going on.

As soon as the time is up, grab the blanket in a wad (so as not to lose heat), scramble into bed, with that blanket over the top of you (under the sheets). Close your eyes, breathe in through your nose deeply, out through your mouth, three times and you should be out like a light within ten minutes.

I say only use that method when you're desperate for a reason: The warmth causes your muscles to relax, the breathing exercise also relaxes you, and out you go. It works best when you are very fatigued. Give it a try some time. If you're thinking, "I'll get cold sitting up on the couch!" Yup, that's half the point :-)

Kathryn, I've been catching up here, and that it is a very cute cat you have!

On the subject of the friend who isn't responding? Friendships are like any relationship, sometimes they change. We don't know why, but people sometimes go in different directions. I think you'd be wise to just let go.

Dawn said...

We've had narsty insomnia with this latest bout of flu-Patty thinks it is from all the people's kids getting the flumist spray up the nose (live vaccine)and spreading it around.

Week 3 it is getting better-I think once I can move around more I can sleep better.

Hugs and hope you feel better:)

lisa said...

Coffee doesn't usually affect me much! I can have a cup at night and still sleep pretty good!