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07 November 2009

SO Very Thankful

I told Duane several times yesterday how thankful i was that Patty had come to clean. But i was never so thankful as when we got the phone call last night saying Duane's parents were coming up for the weekend. They will be here sometime this AM.

Because the cleaning was done, all that had to be done was make up the bed for them. Well, & wonder what i'm going to feed them while they're here. My gratitude that i don't have to stress over the house knows no bounds at this point.

Duane's step-dad wants to go golfing.

I took about 250 pics yesterday. I've deleted about 35. Here are a few of the ones that are left:

I love the little valley just on the other side of Onyx Summit (pass)
This is looking toward the valley betwen the two mountain ranges .
We live on the other side of the mountain range on the right side
(which is not visible here!)

It was so hazy a lot of the mountain pics didn't turn out very well.

I love these ferns. In the spring & summer they are so green & restful.
We drive by them every week.

I love this little nook. The leaves here have fallen in drifts.

Home is just over that mountain ridge!

The haze that obscured the mountains made pics of the sunbeams possible.

This is only one of many i took along a creek bed.
The bushes (small willows i think) turn so golden in the sunlight.

These two are obscured by haze, too.
This is not far from the Onyx Summit (pass) on my way back home.
The view is looking directly down into Lucerne Valley, nearly 5,000 feet below.

The wonderful & multi-talented Mr. Duane switched over my hard drive last night. What i didn't know was that he would stay up doing it. When i woke at 2.45 & he wasn't in bed i checked on him. I thought he'd just set it to run overnight, but he was concerned & stayed up. He also loaded Photoshop, but i've not had a chance to play with it yet. I kind of dozed back to sleep but when he hadn't come to bed by 3.30 i was up again to check on him. So we each slept half a night, 'cause when i'm woken at that time i can't go back to sleep.

The ILs called. They'll be here in half an hour or maybe a little more.



lisa said...

Very beautiful! You did a great job taking the pictures!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for the clean house! Now, just want to find someone here to do the same! Thanks for posting all the pictures and telling us about your home and surrounding area. I do enjoy learning about our local mountain retreat. Have a wonderful time with the ILs.
Love you, see you next week.

Amrita said...

Glad you got your house cleaned up for your ILs visit. And hope you all are having a good time.

The pictures a lovely. Your surroundings are rapturous.

Stacey said...

Oh, what a treat that your house is already clean before guests arrive!

As always, beautiful pics. I particularly like the one with the sunbeams.

Please know that I always appreciate your comments on my blog. You are never a tag-along! Every ounce of support and every single kind word of understanding is important to me. I mean that.

Lynnette Kraft said...

I think I'd like to live where you live. Wow!

Kathi said...

You live in such a beautiful place! I'm sure that you don't lack picture taking inspiration.