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17 January 2010


I'm curious if weather forecasters are really good prophets.

They are predicting pretty harsh weather for the whole of Southern California this coming week. It could result in lots of rain down the hill (meaning lots of car accidents as in general, these folks don't know how to drive in weather). They are predicting up to 5 feet of snow here. (Between Tuesday & Thursday.)

Here's the rub, however. They had a similar prediction back in December. A whole week of harsh storms! Sure enough, the first day of the prediction, Monday, was pretty heavy. I freaked, i panicked, & canceled my clients for the week & stayed home. The rest of the storm never happened. It would have been a pain, but we could have traveled down the hill on Tuesday.

So, i'm trying not to panic. Even if Monday brings heavy storms. Duane says that he has to go down, regardless, & i tell him if we really get that much snow we shouldn't. I'm trying to wait & see what actually comes. I don't know why i'm so freaky about it this year. We've lived in snow a while now & i grew up driving in Western Montana. I'm not as freaked as last time, but i do want to be calm!



Rosemary said...

Wow, 5 feet of snow? That's worth getting a bit concerned about. I don't know what to say, I don't know if any of them are accurate enough to base a week on.

Good luck and I'll be thinking of you!

Amrita said...

5 ft is just too much.

We are getting fed up of our cold, grey, foggy weather too. Specially when my sis and kids are here.

June said...

I agree: Five feet of snow is completely excessive. See if you can find out where to file a complaint!

Thanks for coming by and letting me know you were reading me. :-)
On that "rod iron"/"wrought iron" thing though, I'd never heard of "rod iron", so I went looking with this result: