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20 January 2010

Quick note

We made it down fine on Tuesday with icy road but not problems & no weather to drive thru. However, there are heavy storms dropping all kinds of weather here in Orange County, even a couple of small tornadoes & a few waterspouts. Many places are flooded (in So Cal every where) & houses are being evacuated in the foothills of the burn areas.

So far the snowfall at home doesn't seem to be too bad. Under a foot reported. We plan to go home late tomorrow AM or early PM. Praying for travel mercies, of course.

My mind is full of all kinds of stories. I don't know why i'm thinking so much of things past.

Something strange is going on with my body, too. I've been in moderate pain for about a week now, & yesterday in severe pain (apparently unrelated) but the doc i work with was able to help that. He did tell me i need to follow with a MD to rule out stuff, but that leaves me in a quandary as i don't currently have/work with a MD i trust. I've an appt with that doc at the Wellness center, but she doesn't do all types of work (her office tells me to "see your primary" for several things; i was disappointed they are not "wholistic" which offended the receptionist telling me they ARE wholistic - they just don't address that particular problem. HUH?)

I don't know what i'm going to do. I don't know how this diet is working, either. It seems that as someone who never had stomach pain before i'm having more of it following this diet that is suppose to reduce stomach discomfort. HUH? Well, i certainly don't follow any one else's pattern.

It is late, i finished work a while ago - i need to go & find dinner.

If you think of us tomorrow, send up a prayer for safe travel & that we will be alert!



Stacey said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comment and support on my blog. It really means a lot, Kathryn.

I hope you will start feeling better soon. Praying for safe travels!

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.