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26 February 2010

Something strange happened this week

I've been following a blog about "living green" etc., for some time now.  I comment occasionally there, but not often.  I sometimes agree with his position, other times i don't.  I find that many of the things he recommends for living frugally, or using earth-friendly cleaners, or other issues are things i'm already doing.

The other day he had a comment on the health care bill.  Now, Alane & i have already debated that here.  In a nutshell, i DO think we should do something about uninsured folks in this country.  But this plan put into place would be enormous & cover every American (actually, bring us under the direction of gov't "approved" health care in most every area).  I think that plan is a huge mistake.  And as someone who doesn't trust conventional medical care (or the gov't), i don't want the gov't involved, telling me what i can & cannot do.  McCain currently has a bill in place that has the potential to limit OTC supplements at the discretion of the FDA & that has me more than a little concerned.

I stated my opinion on this blog.  (In my opinion, tho i didn't express this there, anyone who is "green" & concerned for the earth should be concerned about what is happening with Big Gov't, Big Pharma, conventional medicine & the rights of people as well.)  I believe i was polite in my questioning the support of the health care bill.  (I don't believe i have ever been rude to anyone on their blog, tho i admit at times i want to be sarcastic.)  I don't usually put myself down for email notification of further comments, but that time i did.  He responded & asked if i have health care coverage.  So i answered his question, further outlining my concerns that if the bill passes i will lose many of my freedoms of choice in regard to using alternative health.

A couple of days passed & i didn't give it much more thought.  But then seeing that blog in the blog reader later i thought that it was strange that i'd not had any further notifications.  I assumed he didn't respond to my answer.  But he usually does get 5-10 comments per blog so i thought it odd.  So i went back to the post & found that he had removed my original comment, his question, & my response.  

A personal blog is a personal blog, & that person can do anything with it they wish.  I  like blogs with discussion & debate as long as the discussion/debate is respectful & not rude.  Guess this guy doesn't tolerate any opinion that doesn't support his own.  I'm not a reader any more.  Figure that i've not time for someone like that.

I've been having an "empty" feeling week.  But had a really good conversation with my sis (#3) tonight.  I do so appreciate her.

Almost more than i can express.  I was 9 when Sis #3 was born.  I loved that child more than i could begin to verbalize.  I'm not sure she ever really knew that.  The way our family functioned did not encourage closeness between individual members.  I moved away as soon as i turned 18, so she wasn't yet 9.  My contact with her after that was quite limited, as my mother declared me "demon possessed" & restricted my sisters from seeing me.  

After college my sister taught English in China for 3 years (thru a Christian Organization that sends Christian English teachers to China because they allow the teachers in but won't allow missionaries).  When she returned to live in the US, she had a choice of two jobs.  One was in Florida near Sis #2, the other in CA near me.  I hoped she would stay in CA but didn't believe she would.  She & Sis #2 were close & i assumed she would move to be near family (i didn't consider myself that).  

To my great surprise & Sis #2's great displeasure, she chose to stay in CA.  She & Sis #2 had some pitched battles about that, i've been told, & weren't on good terms for a while.

I can't help but think, today, how different my life would be had she made the other choice.  

We were very cautious around each other, of course.  I was still very much "black sheep" & no one in my family trusted me - nor i them.  But time has passed & we have carved out a relationship that still surprises me at times with its depth.  

What is more, had she not moved here, i would have essentially no relationship with any of my family.  Sis #2 came out several times to visit.  She came to see Sis #3, of course, but i happened to be nearby & so i sometimes was included.  Had Sis #3 not been living here, no one would have made that trip.  

When Duane & i went to visit my parents & family the holiday season of 2005 (just after we lost Kaylee) it was the first time i'd been to my parents' home since 1989.  Not sure that would have happened had i not had a relationship with Sis #3.  

I think, had she not moved here, i would feel even more empty, more lonely, more cast adrift & lost than i'm feeling now.  Probably exponentially so.  I'm still pretty empty tonight, but less so.  My sis was kind & understanding.  She touched my heart.  

I am so blessed.

I'm blessed as well, by all the lovely folks who read my blog.  Thank you for the supportive comments.  I so appreciate you!



Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Does your sister read your blog? It is good that you have her, and maybe it would also be good for her to know how important she is to you.

Kathryn said...

My sis does not read my blog. She's the only one in my family i've invited to do so.

But i did tell her how much she means to me & how much i appreciate her & what a blessing it is to me to have her close enough to have gotten to know her. Think we both may have cried a bit.

Mrs. Mac said...

Hoping you can find more opportunities to have heart to heart conversations with your sister. Not having a sister ... but always wanting one ... I had to find non relative 'sisters'. Hope you and Duane have a nice relaxing weekend.

Rosemary said...

I'm so glad for you that you have a developing depth to your relationship with little sister; the 9 years aren't so wide a gulf when we get older! (my sis is 12 years older and we're closer than ever now) You do have love around you, I hope you realize that and good thoughts being sent your way. You're in my prayers, always.

As for Mr. (NOT) open minded, that says more about him than what he writes. So much for civil discourse, it's his way or the highway apparently.

Stacey said...

It is so special that you and your sis have been able to keep up a strong relationship. It's obvious how much you care for her. I was 9 years old when my baby brother was born, and I think being that much older makes for a unique, almost motherly bond.

As for the comment that was deleted -- I think that's just plain silly. If you're writing a blog that welcomes debate and the comments aren't rude, I don't see the point in deleting them. Humph.

Land of shimp said...

Hey Kathryn...well, you and I are on separate sides of this, and I will reassert that the current bill does not make government/universal healthcare mandatory, private insurance would be sustained, and available. So the issue of being forced to do something, isn't a current issue, but I do understand that it is a long range concern for many. It's not a discussion without merit, is what I'm saying.

Something does have to be done, and it needs to start now, and if we don't have a perfect form of the bill? Well, we need to pass something, and start honing it ...most of the countries with universal medical care did exactly that (and have private insurance still available).

I'm just putting that out there before I say this...I don't think that anyone should deny someone the right to voice a concern simply because it isn't a current concern. I've seen many people on this side (my side) of the universal health care debate basically acting that way, "Stop talking if you have insurance...." and that's not okay to me.

First of all, your concern could become a concern in the future, and it's important to state that. Secondly, even if you have insurance (as I do, and as my son does entire family, actually) ...our taxes will pay for this. Everyone gets a say in a democracy.

We need to get moving and do something, and then keep honing it...while making sure private health insurance is available for people who feel very strongly about not having the government involved in health care.

Now, as it happens, most people trust the government to oversee the education of their children, the delivery of their mail, the enforcement of laws the safety of their communities. The government is in everyone's life, and past retirement age, the government runs the healthcare that most people have available to them.

So the "I don't want government involved!" always strikes me as being...something other than what the real issue is. I think for you, you find it hard enough to have the type of medicine you favor supported by your existing insurance...and I can understand your concerns. Please keep voicing them, they are important.

You and I don't agree on everything, but I think you're a good person, and an asset to have in life.

Sorry Green Dude didn't recognize that...or the fact that meaningful discourse begins when more than one side voices opinions...and then listens back and forth. Nothing gets done, or is changed, when all either side does is lecture without consideration of the response.

Basically, the people who will change this situation? Are the people who will talk to one another about this..and listen...and consider ...and start working together.

Organizing Mommy said...

Isn't it sad that when people do not understand what is going on with someone, they label it as demon posessed? Really. When your eyes roll back in your head and your head spins around,fine. But just because of unknown issues? not fair. Glad you have a growing relationship with your sister. It is special. And thanks for reading my blog too.

Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

I agree with your position on health care reform, Kathryn. I just don't get the "something needs to be done so we need to pass this bill even if it is a bad one" mentality. And yes, it does still put government in too much control over our health care.

I'm glad you are able to be in touch with your sister. Hopefully the relationship will continue to grow and be validated.

Cheri Pryor said...

Why is it that families are often nicer and more considerate to mere acquaintances they pass on the street once in a while? Why do we consistently treat those closest to us so horribly? *sigh* I'm happy for you that you have been able to establish a relationship with your sister as an adult.