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21 March 2010

wow. 300. i didn't even plan

I've known for a while that this post was coming up, but i've been so busy that i've not even thought about something special for number three hundred.  

So this will just be a mundane thing, nothing special.  

I tend to open windows of things that i want to remember but don't want to book mark.  Currently i have the following windows open:

Understanding the Different Phases of Chronic Fatigue.  This is a most informative article.  I've had CFS/CFIDS for a very long time & have know about it for a couple of years now.  Still, even tho this was presented on FB as info for "newly diagnosed" folks, i found it very informative.  Also i think it will be a good tool to use when i share with folks what i'm fighting.  I also found a good list of 10 Discoveries About the Biology of CFS.  But it is in pdf format & i don't know how to attach it here.  It is on the scientific discoveries that proves that CFS/CFIDS is not just psychological or depression.  

That sounds like i'm running down depression ("just depression") & i am NOT.  I know how difficult depression can be.  But i have found it very frustrating when i go to a doc with what i know is a PHYSICAL issue & to have them tell me, "Oh, you're just depressed." They they prescribe meds that do not help or often make it worse.  I know i'm not alone in this frustration, & so it is very good to find scientific evidence to counter the ignorance of these M.D.s.

Another site i have open is Vaccines and How They are Made.  Gives ingredients in the vaccines.  Let me just say there is no living body - whether animal or human - that needs formaldehyde or aluminum added.  No benefit, lots of harm.  I've got it open because my niece is open to reading some of this info, or she told me she is.  

The other one i've got open is an article from the NY Times about the fight ongoing in Texas about the determination of textbooks.  It is called How Christian  Were the Founders.  I have to say, given where it is published, i think it is a fairly balanced piece. 

My belief on this issue is summarized on page 6 ("those people" meaning the Christians trying to revise textbooks):  
. . . Brookhiser rather succinctly sumarizes the point:  "The founders were not as Christian as those people would like them to be, though they weren't as secularist as Christopher Hitchens would like them to be."

I have to say that i've never believed our founders intended to form a "Christian Nation."  I do believe they intended to form a nation as fair as they could devise, balanced, giving the people many freedoms including the freedom to worship as one is moved to do so, without fear of persecution.  I believe many of the founders were Christians, & a number were Deists.  I believe they wanted to form a nation where people would be free to follow their own dreams, beliefs, & paths.  A big part of that personal freedom was personal responsibility.  We have lost much of that dream as we have lost many of those freedoms.  

Duane's Aunt & Uncle stopped by to visit us yesterday.  They've been on a long trip from Wisconsin.  They are rambling around & taking their time.  We knew they would probably be coming (they planned for Friday but then changed to Saturday), so i had Rebecca make a big Mexican Lasagna.  They called about 1.30 yesterday to tell us they were coming.  We waited & waited & wondered if they were held up in traffic or had an accident, because they didn't arrive until 5.45 (it is a 2 hour drive, normally).  So i got ready to put dinner in the oven, & she said, "Oh, no!  We're not hungry.  We stopped to eat on the way.  We didn't want to put anybody out."   ???

Ok . . . you arrive at 5.45, Duane & i have been expecting you for a couple of hours.  WE didn't eat, planning to have dinner when you arrived.  WHAT do we do now?

We didn't eat.  We showed them around town.  We visited in the evening for a while & played a game.  I think we were busy enough that neither of us thought of food much.  His Aunt & Uncle didn't plan to stay the night but then did.  They left rather early this AM (& wouldn't let us take them to breakfast).  

Now, i like these people.  We both like them very much.  Of all Duane's relatives, these are some of the ones with whom i'm most comfortable.  But WHAT were they thinking arriving at that time & having already eaten when we had dinner planned?  I suppose it is partly my fault for not making it clear that we did expect them for dinner.   I understand not "wanting to put anybody out" but sometimes . . . ah, well.

Rebecca brought her daughter on Friday as her SIL wasn't available to babysit.  Her daughter, Madie, is 2-1/2.  I enjoyed it so much.  I'd forgotten how much children laugh.  :)



Jana said...

Congrats on hitting 300.
Don't worry about family. They are who they are. And you either accept them or not. You should have eaten and then taken them around. I would have.

Mrs. Mac said...

300 ... a nice round number:) I hope you enjoyed the Mexican lasagna today ... and had a nice visit with the relatives .. despite the meal mix-up. Today has been a day of rest for me ... after yesterday's workout in the garden (still double digging certain areas) .. we're still a few weeks out from planting (April - potatoes and May everything else).

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Congrats on reaching 300. That is actually quite an achievement, don't you think? Many drop off before their 300th post.