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23 May 2010

They are lucky . . .

That the race was Friday 

not today.

We woke to just a skiff of snow & i thought it would soon melt off.  But it snowed off & on all thru church.  Still, not too much was sticking.

The top is that Jeep when we went into Mountain Munchies - one of our favorite places for lunch.  The bottom is that Jeep when we came out.  Duane nearly got us kicked out of the restaurant, however.  He is so happy that he gets to drive that Jeep in the snow - he thought he'd have to wait until next winter.  He kept saying, "Oh, I love the snow!"  and singing, "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow."  He wasn't real popular with the folks.  Gary, the owner told him he was lucky he'd already eaten, 'cause he just might not get served. 

The bottom two are Duane in his "summer hat" first in bed, to keep warm, & later using Mac as a "cat warmer" in his office.  

We took that Jeep off road yesterday.  In the evening we started to take a "road" (not much more than a trail) between the Sugarloaf area & Moonridge.  But we took a "side road" & ended up on top of a hill with nothing but junk some irresponsible folks had dumped instead of taking it where it should have been properly disposed of.  Came across plenty of downed trees across the road.  We went around - once with mirrors in & three INCHES of clearance on either side.  Then, discovered that we couldn't get out at the bottom & had to go back up.  This time Duane leveraged the tree out of the way.  

We need to take a chainsaw with us next time.  Also a repair kit with sockets.  He said that had not the starter gone out in town the other day, it certainly would have with all the bouncing the starter would have come loose - & we would have been stuck.  There was town all the way around us on all sides, tho it felt as though we were out in the middle of nowhere.  BUT we would have had quite a walk & i'd not known we were going to do this so i was in sandals & short sleeves.  Fortunately Duane had two extra jackets in that Jeep for i was cold.  

(Duane said his "summer hat" looks like he used the squirrels in the above pics.  He says "there were no squirrels injured in the making of this hat.)

He's gone from singing "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow" to "Summertime, & the living is easy."  I think that would get us kicked out of Mountain Munchies, too.



donna said...

I think I would have been singing with Duane....can't believe you had cool is that???

Kathryn said...

Um, i think we'll both be rather unhappy if we lose all the fruit on the trees due to this weather.

But sure, it's a cool story to share. Next time he starts singing, i'll put him on the phone to you, Donna! :)

Jules said...

My husband has a Jeep that he loves as well. It is full of "emergency" stuff like tools, bungee cords, extra sweatshirts, bottled water, etc. All of those things have come in handy at some point, except the water. We've (thankfully) never been stranded for that long!

Amrita said...

Great pictures of the snow "that Jeep", squirrel and kitty and smiling Duane

Jessica Renshaw said...

I giggled so much out of your comments about "that Jeep," Duane, the hat, the squirrels, the cat warmer that I had to have Jerry come around the desk from his computer to read it and see all the pictures!

I'll have to do a post about squirrels soon.

Rosemary said...

LOL - that Jeep, Duane and his summer hat, his singing in the restaurant, and the lap kitty. What isn't funny is your excellent adventure! Thank goodness you were okay, yikes and double yikes!

Kathryn said...

Jules, thanks for visiting & commenting. :) We need to create an emergency pack like that, too.

Amrita, always glad you come & comment. I enjoy taking pics, as i know you do too.

Jes, so glad i made you giggle. :) That makes me so happy. Fun to know we're laughing together.

Dear friend Rosemary! How good of you to stop by. I do enjoy sharing the silly part of our lives. I wasn't too thrilled with the big adventure, but we really were not anywhere far off, i just didn't like the idea of walking out. Hugs to you. :)