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15 June 2010

Can you tell?

My favorite color to wear?

As of last night, every piece of clothing we had in the house was clean, except what we were wearing & the sheets on the bed.  That won't last long, but it feels wonderful to be "caught up."  As i was putting away my tops i seemed to detect a pattern.  !  Some of these are long-sleeved tops to be put away for the summer (& one is a scrub top for work).  Still !  I think i've too many clothes.  My second favorite color is white.  Then i have a couple of other colors, but invariably i will choose either an aqua/Caribbean blue top or a white one.  (The orange in the background of the top pic is Duane's SAR uniform.)

I would never paint my house blue, probably not the walls inside either, but i do love the color.  I love to wear it.  I love to gaze at the blue sky.  Or the water.  Or at blue flowers.  

Ok, not blue, but here are some purple/lilac items.  The first 2 Duane took in OC, at his parents' house, although the flowers are actually bordering the neighbor's driveway.  The second i took of the wild onion blooming in our yard.  It doesn't show very well.  The last is a lilac on our neighbor's lilac bush.  Lilacs didn't do all that well this year.  The late snow & freeze seemed to do bad things to them.

One of our peach trees is dead, too.  The guy from the local nursery told Duane that we probably it died in a late freeze when it had already begun to draw water from the ground & the freeze destroyed the cells that had the water.  It looks very sad.  I don't think the other peach tree is going to produce, either, so we will have to decide what to do about them. 



Rosemary said...

Lovely color and I'm betting it looks marvelous with your vibrant and beautiful hair! Never too many clothes!

donna said...

Love the blue....

I can smell the of my favorites

Land of shimp said...

When I do laundry I have a separate, substantial load for all the pink/red/purple that I tend to wear. Jewel tones are the friends of those of us with fair skin!

Sorry about the peach tree, it is a weirdly sad thing to lose a tree on your property, isn't it? Losing one of our constants, something underneath our care.

Land of shimp said...

Okay, so I frequently get busy with a variety of things, and am away from the blog world. When I get a chance to come back, I read the posts that my blogging buddies put up in the interim and I just read the post about being excommunicated.

Holy crow, that's outrageous. For attending other church services? You know I'm not religious, Kathryn, but I grew up in a very liberal faction of the Episcopal church and part of our Sunday school was to attend other church services. Including going to a Synagogue so that we could both appreciate, and honor other factions of Christianity, and of religion in general.

I'm just saying, boy has Pastor G got it wrong! He should welcome questions, and particularly those questioning their faith, or their practice of it.

Boy, he'd practically set me afire if we ever crossed paths if he thinks excommunication is a fitting response to attending services in other churches!

I'm truly shocked, and I'm so sorry that happened.

Mrs. Mac said...

At first I thought you had quilt fabric laid out on the bed. Love the colors! I can see why you'd choose those shades of blue ... they would really make your hair and skin color shine beautifully!

I've heard of other people that have lost trees this spring ... wondering also where the honey bees are?? One of my apples didn't get enough cross pollination from a nearby apple tree to produce many apples .. only the bumble bees seem to be busy.

Meadowlark said...

It was you!!!! I discovered who introduced me to HIS SCRIBE.

Thank you so much, her words are a blessing that I am so in need of at this time.

Peace to you.

Stacey said...

What lovely shades of blue. I'm with Rosemary, I bet it looks great with your hair color!

I *love* the feeling of being "caught up" with laundry. Unfortunately it's always short-lived!

Amrita said...

I like your colors Kathyryn.

Sorry about the peach tree.

Some of our old trees have died too....lemon, miniature orange and now I am afraid for my grapefruit tree.

Lynnette Kraft said...

Teal clothes... lilacs... ah, two of my favorite things! I can see how that color would look great on you.

Thanks for linking your pic (on your side bar). It's fun to see my bloggin' chums (even if I'm just poppin over again).

Love you.

Carla said...

I love that color too! Nice to meet you :)

simplebeauty said...

Lovely colors!

I really like how your sidebar describes your family. Nice touch. Nice to meet you from blog hopping over from Lynnette's blog.

Have a wonderful day :O)