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13 June 2010

Eva's Pics

My niece Eva, the one coming in early July, likes to take pictures.  She has an ok camera, but often what she posts are rather washed out.  Duane has a laptop Apple computer he hasn't been using, so when she comes, she'll be able to play with making adjustments to her pics.

 This is her original, SOC, of the barn of a neighbor.

Here i've brightened it a bit simply using iPhoto.  

Then i moved the pic to Photoshop Elements & played with the applications.

This one i simply made a blue sky with clouds & brightened some of the background trees.

 This one is either "canvas" or "burlap" for the texture.  I don't remember which i used.

I think this is a "water color" application.  I don't remember what the rest are.

I created an unforseen error in this.  When i made the blue sky, it covered over the telephone lines running thru the pic, but left the bird there.  Thus i ended up with a black dot in the pic.  It shows more in some than in others.  

I had fun with these, & i think she will have fun playing with these aps, too.  But she likes turning her stuff into B&W more, from what she's said.  Here are some more of her pics. 

I'm having a very hard time with the computer, although the speed seems to be fine now.  But every time i try to open either of my Gmail accounts, it causes the browser to crash & become non-responsive.  Doesn't matter if i try to do it in Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.  I can't access those accounts.  I guess i have to wait for Duane to trouble-shoot it for me.

He should be home in a couple of hours, but he'll probably be very tired.  

Had a squirrel climb the guard part of the screen today to tell me he had no nuts.  When i opened the door to feed him, i thought he was going to run right in.  He stood right there to wait for me to give him something.  

They are funny, & i enjoy watching them, but i don't want one in the house!



lisa said...

She and you did a pretty darn good job with improving the pictures!

Kathryn said...

Thanks Lisa, that's especially nice coming from someone who does such lovely pics. :)

So far she's taken the pics & posted them on FB & then (with her permission) i took the pics & made the changes. She'll be able to do her own changes/adjustments when she comes to visit us.

Amrita said...

You did a genius editing job. Is this program free on the web?

I like the added elements

Kathryn said...

Thanks, Amrita. No, the program isn't free. I'd been after Duane to get Adobe "Photoshop" for me for some time because the one i had before wasn't working any more. He got me "Photoshop Elements" which he says has most of the Photoshop items/aps but doesn't cost as much. ($80 vs $700.)

Stacey said...

Very cool pics and effects! I know that the two of you will have fun playing with this when she visits!