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02 November 2010

Election Day

I tend to be rather "hot" on politics.  There is much in this country that i do not like and wish could be improved.  That said,

I'm thankful that i live in a country where i can vote.  I'm thankful that i have the freedom to state my opinions, even if they are harsh.  I'm thankful that we have so many opportunities here.  I'm thankful for free access online (not restricted by government control) to search and research information on many topics, including candidates.  

Hope you had a chance to vote today, if you live where folks are voting.  (And i hope that together we can effect a change.)



lisa said...

Yes, I always vote! I figure if you don't vote you don't have a reason to bitch!

That corgi :) said...

always saddens me that there are not more people that go out and vote, such a privilege that people in other countries would "bounce on" to have the opportunity to do so.

I was out early this morning to vote. I'm not sure though.....I'm not sure the candidates I fear will get elected here will effect any change.....


Amrita said...

Th e Obama 's are coming to India on Nov 7th on a 3 day visit. Everyone is interested in th e outcome.

A lot of Obama inspired merchantdise are in the market, but not in my city- I realy don 't know- I haven 't seen any.

Kathryn said...

Lisa - you are so right!

Betty, yes, i'm afraid you are right. I so wish real change would come rather than the parroting of change. But, well, what can we do but vote? I do wish there were a way to more effectively educate folks about voting choices.

Amrita, how interesting. I don't follow the news all that closely, so i wasn't aware of this visit.

I'm curious, what would "Obama-inspired merchandise" be? What a funny thought. Obama bobble heads? Hope this will bring good things for both our countries.

Kathryn said...

BTW, Betty, i saw your comment at Ron (Old Geezer)'s blog: I love "God have mercy on America". It irks me when people say "God Bless America" because (most) America doesn't want to have anything to do with God.

I agree with you 100%! I think "God Bless America" ("& all that we choose to do") smacks of terrific arrogance.