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15 November 2010

Positive Attitude

I've frequently shared here that i struggle to have a positive attitude.  I DO look "on the bright side" as much as possible, and i DO work at being grateful for all that i have, which is a lot.  But much of my life i have also struggled with a complaining spirit.  It comes out here in the blog rather regularly.

Today i had the joy of going to the knitting group with Kimmy.  We went to breakfast/early lunch together after wards.  Kimmy is lately returned from Australia.  She and her hubby were there for about a year.  He is Australian.  She is now a dual citizen.  But i've missed her so much, and am so happy she is home.

Kimmy is one of the quintessential optimists.  She is so very positive.  She has every right or more so to complain about things.  She's a number of challenges going on (of which i know only because i've known her for about 3 years now and even if someone never complains, you do learn of these challenges).  Yet, she is one of the most positive folks i know, and is so encouraging.  She is also so very friendly and has such an ease of conversation with everyone she meets.  

She also ascribes to ME the very things that i think are part of HER own nature.  She says i never complain.  !  Huh!  She says i have a quiet, gentle, loving spirit.  She is just so encouraging, i so enjoy being with her.  She makes it easy.

Of course, she denies many of her good qualities, or downplays them.  That does bother me a bit.  But i must say, she relies on God as her support more than just about anyone i know, except maybe frequently mentioned (here) Gitz.  

I'm so thankful for my friend Kimmy. 



That corgi :) said...

She sounds like a wonderful woman and a great friend!! Must be fun talking about her adventures in Australia! Always neat to have someone special like this part of your life :)


Cheri Pryor said...

Everyone needs a fabulous friend in their life who is the yin to their yang. It sounds like you have that here. Yay!