My favorite folks ! :)

13 November 2010


I'm thankful my dear hubby has friends he meets and plays games with online.  It keeps him involved and active in their lives.  I sometimes wish we lived close enough to visit in person more often, but i'm so grateful the internet gives him the chance to stay in touch.

I'm thankful the internet gives me the opportunity to be in touch with friends, too, and to make new ones.  :)

I'm so very thankful for my friends.  I appreciate them, their love and support so very much.  I also appreciate that they not only listen to me, but that they trust me enough to share their lives with me too (when i shut up long enough for them to get a word in edgewise!)

I'm thankful for a little white cat curled up next to me.  :)



That corgi :) said...

so very cute to have a cat by your! comforting I think too!! always great to have friends, no matter how we connect with them :)



Kathryn, you have some wonderful things to be thankful for. We all need to count our blessing and thank God more often.


Amrita said...

I just count my blessings too, an d sunshine streams in.

Love the kitty

Kathryn said...

Betty - yes friends, & pets, are a special joy.

Hi Ron - yes, i've so much to be thankful for. I'm spending the whole month counting down that way. :)

Amrita, i think you are Sunshine, yourself. :) God's blessings on you today.