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21 November 2010


I think posting every day isn't quite my "style."

Yesterday i was thankful because Duane made it down the hill safely.

Today i'm thankful that i made it to church and back safely.  

It rained a lot last yesterday, and then we got about 3 inches of snow today.  I might not have gone to church, but the neighbor's granddaughter was baptized today and i told them i'd go.  I'm glad i did, but i pinwheeled at the bottom of a small hill where there is a curve.  Glad no one was at the stop sign there or i probably would have taken them out.  Got to church and home with no other mishaps.  Decided to stay in for the rest of today.

The sun did come out later.  I tried to get some pics, but the battery was going.  I hope to get some more later.  I did get a few things done yesterday and today, but i've a long list and not much checked off.  Kimmy is coming to help tomorrow.  :)



That corgi :) said...

Glad Duane made it down the hill safely! We got quite a bit of rain here and I hear more is on its way. I tried to post last year every day in November,I made it through posting every day, but it was hard to come up with things daily to post. I like to post 1-2 times a week at the most.

Never quite liked driving in snow but did get used to it :)

stay safe and warm!


Anonymous said...

Hills are great for beautiful views but not a good thing in snow and ice. Glad you made it safely. Did your snow stick around or melt away?

Linda said...

There you are in California with snow...and here I am in Kansas and it is going to be very close to 70 degrees today! Weird.

But by Thursday it is going to be 33 degrees.

So glad you weren't hurt in your spin. I get so nervous driving on snow...and usually just stay home when it is on the ground! (But I know some people have to go to work! (:>)

Have a nice Thanksgiving!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Bob-kat said...

Sounds like you have some hard weather coming your way. Glad you and your car are okay and no-one else was around. I spun on some ice last winter and I was doing less than 10mph at the time.

Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I know that understand the sort of thing I am going through. Unfortunately the tests didn't show anything - a relief on the one hand but on the other I still feel awful all the time and no answers! I must do some research.

Amrita said...

Prais e Go d you were safe after that car spin. Driving can be dangerous in such weather. Take care Kathryn.