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11 November 2010


I'm always so thankful to go home!  :)  

Sugarbear and kitties, here we come (in a few hours).

I'm also thankful that i can have CranioSacral Therapy done.  (I've an appointment with Kim this morning.)  I essentially never need meds any more for migraine because i have the CST done regularly.  In fact, i rarely (like once every year or so) take any med any more.  I was in some pain last week, and wondered if i should go buy some ibuprofen, but then i didn't and the pain resolved in a couple of days.  :)  For that i say, thank you, thank you, thank you!  I am so grateful.  

I'm so thankful for the opportunity to use natural products.  Wednesday afternoon i began feeling a bit "off."  I can't explain it better (well, i could but it would take a lot of words).  I've been loading up on vitamins (D3 and C) and some of my other pet remedies.  So far it seems to be successful, but i may not know until later today.  Many countries are outlawing the OTC use of vitamins.  I would be very unhappy if i had to see a doc (particularly a MD) in order to take what they think i need.  The fact that we do have access to most natural health products - and the internet to check them out - means so much to me.  :)

Oh, just to go with that, i'm so thankful for Hawkes' Health.  It is a wonderful site/forum where folks post.  It is also a good resource to look up info and/or ask questions of folks on different health issues.  It is wonderful.    



That corgi :) said...

safe travels home!! I loved all the pictures, but the orange/red leaves, wow, that was an awesome one!!


Lorie said...

Yes, you are blessed! I so wish I could have CST!

You sound happy and that makes me happy. Enjoy home and all the blessings that are there.

Amrita said...

Love th e autumn leaves