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15 December 2010

Part Two, "significant gifts"

 Isn't this paper cute?  This is what i used to create the "boxes" for the cards.

This is my pattern for the box.  I made it to fit the cards/envelopes that it will hold.

Here is the pattern traced onto the back of the paper.  If doing a different pattern that has a scene like this one, you'd want to be sure that the "important" part of the scene to show up in the middle.

Here it is, on the back side, after the cut.

The front after the cut.  The corner pieces are extra, and i saved these to cut out the figures to use on a card.

Back of the "box" after it is folded and glued.  (It is about 1/4 inch thick.)

The front, with the flap left open.  I think i'll close this with a rubber band, tho i might use stick on velcro.

Here are a few of the extra pieces, waiting for me to cut them out.

And here is a finished card.  I will do another one with the little town in the background and some sheep jumping around.

Here is a sample of what is in the box, the blank cards.  The group on the right is a sample of what is going to the boys, the group on the left a sample of what i'm sending to the girls.  All the envelopes are plain, white like the one in the pic.  If i had more time i'd make envelopes for them too, but i'm busy!

Here are some of the stickers i'm going to put in for them.  Baseball, monkeys, zoo animals and cars for the boys, the flowers and stuff for the girls.  I have more of these at home i'll add in later.  Only the youngest girl (5) is getting the princess stuff.  I'm sending what i think to be "more sophisticated" for the older girls who are 11, 12, and 13.

So, there it is.  What do you think?  Do you think the kids will like this?

I've linked this to Sara's You Create series.  If you don't read Sara's blog, my recommendation:  DO!  :) 



That corgi :) said...

I love it! I think they should too! very clever and creative!


Lorie said...

These are absolutely awesome! If the kids don't appreciate that, I would be very sad for them.

You are so gifted!

Rosemary said...

Aw, the packaging is ADORABLE. Yes, these are items the children will love!

Love the idea!

kare said...

These are Lovely Kathryn......i think they won't be able to help but Love them!
Hugs & Buzz's

Carol H. said...

I think that this is a great gift! You got to use your creativity and now the kids will be able to use theirs.

Amrita said...

My goodness, you are so creative and do things so well. This is beautuful.

Thank you for arthritis tip. Yes I know capsain and chili is good for it. They have an cream called Capsain in the market here. Its very expensive and did, t suit me much.

I use a herbal cream and painkillers when I can' t bear the pain.

Anonymous said...

Very creative and crafty of you! Sadly, I cannot go near scissors and glue without supervision. :)

Jana said...

These are fantastic. I love this idea. Your box is great. I love that paper. It worked out perfect with Mary, Joseph and Jesus in the center. I think these will be a hit. A very thoughtful gift that will keep on giving.