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26 January 2011

Dribs & Drabs

Subtitle:  I need a conversion experience.

I'm really struggling with the food issue.  There is what i KNOW and BELIEVE, and then there is what i DO.  

Part of the problem is that when i eat well and healthy, it doesn't really make me feel better.  I don't lose weight, i don't have more energy, i don't have less pain.  However, when i eat junk (which i do go thru phases with) i feel much WORSE.  I'm really struggling with it, and even knowing how bad some of the "food" i'm eating is, at times i just struggle to care.  I need an experience of conversion which will motivate and jump start better habits.  Sigh.

I've found someone who can come cook for me.  So far i'm impressed with her.  I think it will end up being temporary  - she recently came to Big Bear and may not stay - but for now i think it will be a good thing.  She seems to be a good self-starter, and i don't have to hold her hand to have her do what i need.  Even if she doesn't stay long, at least we'll have some food in the freezer.  Also, a friend knows of someone who might be willing to come and help for a while.  Since she doesn't live in Big Bear, it would take some arranging, but that might be fun, too.

The end of December saw the last of the bright orange and reds of the sweet gum trees (in Orange County, in Big Bear the leaves were all gone by mid-to late October).  They are now dropping "gum balls."  

The is ornament on the left is one of the sweet gum balls i painted white and added glitter to use for a Christmas decoration.  I have a handful of these.  Now in Orange County the ornamental trees blooming.  I've never heard what these trees with the white flowers are called.  They look like a crab apple to me, but they never have fruit.  Still, they are very pretty when they are in bloom.

Big Bear has been warmer than normal.  When we left on Tuesday, it looked like the roses were greening.  I hope this fake spring doesn't confuse our trees, because starting to bud out now could do a lot of damage. 

I've long hated shoes.  I don't feel that arch supports are healthy, and now i have a link to prove my beliefs!  It is this (very long) article at New York Magazine:  You Walk Wrong.  So, i've been walking around the office today barefoot (not even those flip-flops on) from the justification of the article.  Still, no matter how strongly i believe this, going barefoot is never going to look professional.  I like these shoes, too, but they will never really look professional, either.

My two year blogging anniversary came and went and i never even noticed.  My first post was 18 January 2009.  Ah well.    

We have been living in Big Bear for almost 4 years now.  We moved the middle of February 2007.  

We've been living at Sugarbear for 3 years now.  We closed on the house and began moving 30 January 2008.  It is a happy life, even if i'm still aching for children.  We love it.  :)




Amrita said...

Congratulations for your blog anniversary. You 've been doing so well.

Bear Bear is a love;y dwelling place as you show us. Those blossoms gladden the heart.

Trust you find a solution for your diet probems and find someone to cook for you.

In India you could find a maid who could cook all your meals etc for about $ 25-30 a month (I can 't afford one LOL)

Amrita said...

Oh I love that cartoon. I am facing a similar situation LOL

In fact need prayers for my church and administration

Anonymous said...

Yes! congrats on your 2 year blogging birthday. Hope your new "chef" works out.

kare said...

It looks like those trees dropped blossoms on your Toenails! Very Pretty!) Barefoot is my preferred mode of transport as well. Happy 2yrs To your Blog-child!!

Rosemary said...

Happy blogaversary! I wish things were finding you doing a little better, I know you will find answers. It's the waiting that stinks, I understand. I can imagine that you love where you live - it looks beautiful from your photos.

Sending you happy and peaceful thoughts from snowy snowy MD.

Kathryn said...

Hi Amrita - thank you. :)

Big Bear IS a lovely place to live.

I think wages in India and the US must be very different. But if we lived in India, i'm not sure we could afford to pay someone. I'm
not sure we can afford someone in the US!

I got the cartoon from my dad a while back. I try to remember that i don't "know it all"!

Hi Calvin. Thank you. I think she will.

Kare! I like flowers on my toenails. :) Barefoot is also my preferred walk, but it is hard in the snow. :/

Rosemary, it is always such a joy to have you come by. Thank you.

You've much more snow in MD now than we have in BB. Keep warm!