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21 February 2011


 We've had quite a bit of snow recently.  What i'm amazed at, however, are the icicles that this has produced.  

We live in Southern California.  So, even tho we get a good bit of snow and cold weather, it is not the extreme that is seen in the more northern climes.  Meaning, that often, even when the lows are in the teens, twenties, or even colder, the days are often in the 40s or even the low 50s.  So usually our weather is not cold enough to create icicles.  These remind me of my childhood in Montana.  I had forgotten how spectacular icicles can be.

The past few days have had highs just at freezing (32F) or just above.  With the windchill it has been pretty nippy.  So the melting snow has created incredible icicles.  They are so beautiful.  I don't have pics currently, but if i get some i will post them.  

Lisa asked about olive leaf extract in the comments of my last post.  I chose to use it for this last illness based on this article:  Echinacea No Cure for the Common Cold, Study Finds.  You'll have to scroll down a few comments to find it. (BTW, the study of the title has a lot of holes in it.)

I purchased Olive Leaf Liquid Herbal Extract from my local health food store.  (The link is to the same thing at Vitacost; when i Googled olive leaf, i found lots of different ones already in capsule form.)  I have put it, as well as coltsfoot, oregano spirits, and astragalus in water, but frankly it tastes nasty.  I can get it down for one or two doses, but then start gagging on it.  So, at Duane's request, i also bought a bag of empty gelatin capsules.  I put the dose in that and we take them with water.  

Holy Basil (thank you for the recommendation, Amrita), quercetin and CoQ10 are all good for immune function, too.  And, as always, Manuka honey is my #1 choice for health issues.  Oh, and i use ginger in a number of forms for nausea.

I also use colloidal silver, tho it is a controversial product.  There are a few people who have "turned blue" by using a silver product.  What is rarely reported, however, is that these folks are often using:  1.  a home made product  2. taking huge doses daily and 3. taking these huge doses for months or years.  In other words, folks who have taken silver until they turn blue have used it in a very irresponsible manner.  I consider it quite safe for short-term use.  If you are interested in a further discussion of this, Hawkes' Health has it at this article:  The Silver Hoax.    

I've written on this twice before.  If you are interested, you can click the link at the bottom of this post, "cold/flu remedies."  I wrote of this for the first time 18 months ago.  What i find really strange is that that particular post pulls more spam comments than all my other posts put together.  Apropos of nothing, but i find it interesting.

We had N's kids yesterday.  We took them to church, to breakfast, and to the Discovery Center for a while.  They are really good kids, and we enjoyed it, but i was pretty tired when we got home.

Then i developed a migraine.  This is the third Sunday in a row that i've had a migraine, and they have been progressively worse.  Yesterday's was the worst i've had since i had Splenda poisoning the summer of 2009.  It was bad enough that i just wanted someone to take the top of my head off, or kill me please.  

So i started wondering what it is about Sundays that i keep getting these migraines.  After thinking about it and different theories, i decided that it must be the communion wine.  

It is hard for me to believe that a tablespoon of anything could do this, but i do have extreme sensitivity to sulfites.  An on-line search assures me that sulfites do not cause headaches - it is just the red wine.  The same site tells me that white wine has more sulfites than does red wine and white wine does not cause headaches.  Hah!  It does for me.

The headache was bad enough i considered having Duane take me to ER, but i was pretty sure that if i could wait out the pain, it would go away in 8-12 hours.  Well, when you are in extreme pain, that amount of time is hard to manage.  Especially as i was light and sound-sensitive and extremely nauseous.  I couldn't read.  I could manage the computer for about 5 minutes.     

I was mostly right.  There still is some residual headache today, but it is nothing like yesterday.  I'm able to function today.  

I'm not complaining.  I know that folks with migraines usually have the kind of pain i had yesterday.  I'm thankful i don't have it more often.  The migraines i usually have are much less severe.  I'm also thankful that i was able to discover the cause (i'm 99% sure). 

A lot of these Monday holidays don't mean anything to me (except the banks are closed and there is no mail) because we are home Mondays, anyway.  But our weather is glorious with lots of white snow in the trees and on the ground, blue skies and sunshine.  Enough to enjoy any day.  :)

Have you done anything special for this 3 day weekend?  Does it effect you?  Do you use any natural cures?  What has worked for you?



lisa said...

The weather has kept us pretty close to home and the holiday isn't no big deal for us. I will defiantly keep in mind the things you use for the common cold and keep it on file ;) We get some awesome icicles too! I love that first picture! Glad you were able to make it through the migraine! You take care of yourself.

Amrita said...

Those icicles look so beautiful sans the cold.

We are enjoyin g lovely weather and I am very busy getting the house ready for my nephew and friend Megan. I am very conscious that my house is not as good as homes in the west. We are frugal by Indian standards too. And I don 't have a servant to help me, so I have work extra hard, altho ' I get tired fast.

One home cure which worked for me

For cough an d cold I took inhalation with few drops of eucalyptus oil. You can even sniff it.

kare said...

hi Kathryn,
Raw Almonds with the skin on helps my Hubbys Migranes:)
i can not manage church anymore because of the wonderful scents the peoples wear! Gagging AND Migranes follow me home unfortunately;<
My Natural cure?
It'sa bummer!
Those Icicles are Awesome!
So are You.

Kathryn said...

Hi Lisa - our weather is keeping us pretty close to home, now too. The temperature has continued to be colder than normal and the icicles are just incredible. Thank you for the well wishes.

Hi, Amrita. I'm so glad you have good weather. And i hope you enjoy your company.

Thank you for the home remedy. I'm glad i re-read it because at first i thought you took the eucalyptus oil straight! I think that would hurt.

Hi Kare - thanks for the tip. I do have raw almonds (they are hard to find now because the US wants them all irradiated). I'll have to take some next migraine - which i hope will be a long way off!

Yes, perfumes are a problem. I've a number of friends who have sever problems with them. Duane and i have that issue to a lesser extent. Fortunately our church is small and we haven't seemed to have much problem.

Thank you for coming and commenting. :)