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12 February 2011

Weekend post

 It is a beautiful day in Big Bear.  It is 52F out, tho our low was 12.  There is not a cloud in our deep blue sky, tho snow is predicted later this week.  

I need to go out soon and run some errands.  

My grandmother died on Wednesday morning.  I am not grieving, i think.  We were not close.  I had only seen her 4 times since i was 19, and that was largely because of that visit when i was 19.  However, she did an honorable job of raising 8 children during hard circumstances and deprivation.  She was 93 and had lived a very full life.

Duane has had a sketch that he draws.  I think, before he met me, he used to sign birthday cards to friends and family with a funny sketch.  

This is one he did in 2005.  But we kind of got out of the habit of doing it.  I wasn't very good about sending cards for a while.  But it is my intent to keep up with birthday cards this year.  

 So, since i'm doing this more, and he's drawing it more, i thought i might have it made into a rubber stamp.  Occasionally i have to send things out (may have forgotten until the last minute) and don't have time to track him down to do this for me.  I took one of his drawings and traced it for the above image.  He may make some changes to it to make it more authentic and his own, but i think i'd like a rubber stamp.  

That is what i've spent the last hour or so doing. Duane and i don't celebrate things like Valentine's Day really, and of course for us we don't celebrate Mothers'/Fathers' days.  But we do have our own fun rituals like his funny signature image, and we do a number of different things too.

How is your weekend?  Do you feel like spring is on its way? Do you have any rituals that make your life complete?



kare said...

Oh, This Is Adorable Kathryn! This Is Romantic to the core Really. i Love it.
My Hub always goes into overdrive with silly cards..A couple times a year i'll get 3 @ a time!!)
& He calls me Mama 'cause we have 2 babies in Heaven..and some young folks who say we're their 2nd Parents!
Our Men-folk are lovely...aren't they. <3
Happy Valentines to You Both!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your grandma.

That sketch is one of a kind. It's a good idea to get a rubber stamp done. I think it is uniquely you guys.

Amrita said...

Sorry to hear about your grandma.

Duane 's sletches are really cute.