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25 March 2011

It is snowing out again

The weather report (Ben's Weather) informs us that March has had 20 inches so far, and it is still coming down.

I'm snuggled in bed still (at 10 AM, but i have told you i spend much of my time there) with two "cat warmers."  But i have to get up before long and make a trip into town.  I need some ingredients for cooking (Olivia is coming this afternoon to cook), the kitties are out of treats, the car needs gas, and a few other things.

Here at home i need to do some laundry, and i'd like to do some clean up in the kitchen so Olivia won't have too much to do.

On the menu today:  Manicotti!  (Gluten free)  Also some to freeze as well as lasagna and perhaps some meat sauce for Duane to use with spaghetti.  I think that if we group "like" food things together like this we can make more food in a short period of time.  

Duane is cringing because it is cold out (well, not REALLY cold, just about 32F) and the SAR group is planning an all day and overnight camping trip this weekend.  They leave at 8 AM tomorrow & come back sometime mid-day Sunday.  Duane doesn't need any more training but he was told the team needs him.   He'll have fun. 

Next week i am staying home for one of the scheduled "recover weeks," but it is also Spring Break for the kids so i'll try to have them over.  Lynnette just posted a recipe for GF scones.  I think it might be fun to try them with Sierra.  She likes tea parties with my good china.  (Disclaimer, i personally believe these days that breads, grains, and the like and especially sugar are very bad for our health.  But, well, once in a while you just gotta have some.)

Oh, and i'm going to try yet another new doctor.  I have tried several now, and have been very frustrated.  I'm rather cynical about the whole thing now, and trying a new doc seems an exercise in futility.  Two of the docs have put me on such restrictive diets that there is little i can eat.  I am feeling that the failure is all on my part as i'm not good at sticking to a regime.  A small part of me feels that it isn't 100% me (probably 95% is me), tho, because the recommendations i'm getting are not taking into consideration who i am and what i can do. 

If nothing else, i need to stick with this new doc even if i don't improve, because i need the documentation for my continued disability.  I'm hopeful because she is coming with such high recommendation from Kim (the PT i work with), but i'm afraid to be too hopeful.  The appointment is on 14 April.

So that is the news in this part of the world.  Duane is going to take That Jeep in because it won't stay locked in 4WD, which is a problem.  So i need to go pick him up and do the town errands.

What do you have planned for the weekend?




lisa said...

I don't think snow is ever going to leave ;)

kare said...

Hello my snowbound friend!
Funny... it's 66 degrees in my house at the moment & i am cold!< What a Big baby am i!!
We are looking at blue skies & "Big Birds".. and feeling rather spoiled realizing it's still snowy elsewhere.
Thanks for popping in on my blob with Great advice!! i appreciate that you took the time to's all a great new adventure to me!
Have a lovely weekend!

Mountain Woman said...

We're still buried in snow as well with more coming. Hard to believe it's almost April. I sure hope you find a doctor who you feel comfortable with. Sometimes it takes a while to find a great one. Love your bed warmers :-)

Kathryn said...

Thanks for coming! :)

It has been much warmer this week - yesterday was 60F! - and the snow is melting fast.

We probably won't get much more snow this spring - a couple of inches here and there that will melt quickly. Surprising how different our parts of the country can be.