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13 July 2011

Christmas in July

Well, this is month 7 of my 12 days/12 months of Christmas project.  I wish i could say i'm caught up.  I was ahead of the game for a while, but now many of my projects are time-intensive.  Now that i have the snowflakes completed, i am caught up to the end of May.  June projects are tote bags, and i've only a couple of those done.  (But they are cute!)

I looked again at my schedule, and i am more caught up than i thought.  Just the July stuff to do, and i have a few of the things done into August, so it is not as bad as i had thought, originally!

I also did a little knitted purse for my niece's daughter.  It turned out well.  

Part of the problem is that i am now on to the sewing projects, and i just don't enjoy those the way i do the knitting.  The sewing is not as portable (up and down the hill) either.

Oh, can you tell that i'm rather proud of my crocheted snowflakes, too?  

I had fun with them.  I didn't follow a pattern (i'm horrible at following patterns).  I did look at the pics of some other snowflakes, but then made it up as i went along.  

So, is Christmas on your radar yet, or is it something that will be happening later (around Thanksgiving ?) for you?

Today is my dear sister Elsa's birthday.  Happy birthday, little sister.  I love you!



Linda said...

I'm not a crafty person Kathryn. And yes...I don't plan Christmas until the last minute it seems! Ha!

But you have been a busy little bee! Your snowflakes are nice. I can't believe you just make them up and don't have a pattern! Wow! amazing!

What's the weather like on the Mountain? It has been so hot here in the plains of Kansas. 107 108...and I can't take that kind of heat. So I am staying inside a lot of the time.

Wedding anniversary coming up...hoping it cools off so that we can go some where to celebrate 35 years together.

Have a great day.

Love, Linda

kare said...

Oh Lovely, Lovely, Lovely!))
These are So Wonderful Kathryn!

You Inspire me!!
i have been looking for things i can do for family & friends since you began mulling these projects over a while back.

You are so talented, i can't wait to see your sewing projects!

*Huggs & Buzz's

Amrita said...

My goodness yoiur work is excellent.