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03 August 2012

My knees are warm at the moment.  Jazz cat is lying on my legs as i’m lying here.   He has become much more affectionate since he has been ill.   I think part of it is that he really would like Mac to be comforting him (he likes to cuddle with Mac), but Mac wants nothing to do with him.

He seems better today.   When he was ill, he didn't protest being in the bathroom.   Last night he spent a lot of time complaining about it!  He also is moving around the house more when he is out, and very interested in the birds outside.   I cancelled his appt at the vet today because he has begun eating. Taking him into the vet only gives him "that smell," and i don't think it is necessary.  Bodies are made to heal, and we are doing what we can to support his healing.   When he is better, i think both cats need a bath so they smell the same.  We tried wiping them both down with a scented vinegar, but that didn't make any difference.

I learned how to use my own fonts - i have to compose in the HTML option. (And i have found that i have to use both "compose" and "HTML" to get it to do what i want.

Do you think Christians are judgmental?  That is a pretty loaded question!   There isn't just one type of Christian, but i know we have a reputation for being judgmental.   Someone near and dear to me said the other day about someone else i care for, "She's not a christian lady.   She believes in karma."

I wish i had probed this statement more, for by the basis of this statement, i might be considered a "not Christian lady" either.   I don't use the term karma much, but i do use it some time.    "Bad karma" is probably my most common use - and by that i generally mean "consequences for actions" and "what goes around, comes around."

I wonder if my "not a Christian lady" friend said to the other, "Well, it is good karma that we met"?   Once again, not terms i would normally use, but terms i might use on occasion.    I probably would be more likely to say, "I'm so blessed that we met."   But to me, the statements are equivalent.

Judging other people is an iffy proposition.   We can't know the heart of the other person.  I do believe that Jesus wanted us to be wise, and to be discerning of other people.   Jesus met people where they were at, and moved on from there.    He was very critical of the religious leaders of the day.   He called people to account for their choices and actions.    But he did not stand in judgment of them - he brought to their attention how they were "missing the mark" (another word for sin) and charged them to change their behaviors.  Judgmental (at least as i understand it) is rather a "final word."  What i see Jesus doing is making a judgment, but rather than punishing people for their behavior, calling them to change.  Jesus is about second chances.

 I wonder how Jesus would speak to my "not a Christian lady" friend if she said, "It is good karma we met"?


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