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04 February 2013

Dieting - again

I really hate my weight.  I also think that maybe, maybe i wouldn't be so tired if i was 30 or 50 pounds lighter.  I did drop 30 pounds on the hCG diet a couple of years ago, but with my thyroid a mess, i gained most of it back. However, i've been taking thyroid supplement for a year now, and i've seen a couple of positive changes, so i hope this time to keep it off. 

Three weeks ago i started the Ketogenic diet - eating mostly fat.  It is very successful for people with a lot of weight to lose, and also for certain conditions.  People with epileptic seizures are sometimes able to control that with this diet, and i've a friend with Type I diabetes who is able to control the illness with this diet alone.  

The idea behind it is that our bodies use what is easiest - glucose.  When eating carbs and sugar, that is what they utilize.  This removes almost all carbs from the diet, also most protein (because our bodies can convert protein to glucose).  The idea is that when your body makes the transformation, then you will be burning fat (ketones) instead of carbs.  

My body hasn't made the transformation yet. I didn't do extremely low carbs (below 5% of the diet) for the first couple of weeks.  This may have been beneficial as i've read that doing it too suddenly can cause thyroid problems.  I've been doing really low carbs (but still 6-9% - i'm having a hard time getting lower than that) for about 4 days.  I'm told that it can take 3-4 weeks before your body makes this change in metabolism.

In the meantime, i'm pretty exhausted.  Just showering used most of my energy yesterday.  The house is a mess and i haven't the energy to do anything about it.  I'm going to push on, however for two reasons:

1  I really, really want to lose weight

2.  I have high hopes that this could give me more energy

 I don't want to give up just as things are nearing the turning point!  I may still have 3 weeks or so to go, as i didn't do the very low carb until now.  I took off 5 pounds very quickly early on, but i'm told this is all water weight.  I plateaued for a week or so, and now i'm slowly beginning to drop again.  So far my total is 8.5 pounds.  Weird thing, tho.  My clothes don't fit much differently.  Still, i'm on my way!  



Mali said...

8.5 pounds is still good! I don't know about this diet - and I generally don't like diets to lose weight - but I'm with you on needing to lose it, so I applaud you for doing so well so far!

Kathryn said...

Thanks, Mali. I seem to have hit another plateau, so sometimes it is slow going.

I'm with you about not using a "diet" to lose - because "diet" should be everything you eat and life long. I've had so much trouble, however, that i'm reduced to trying what others have found effective.

Best wishes with your own journey.