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12 February 2013

Down the Hill Day

I am a home body.  I don't like going out a whole lot.  Part of the reason i've joined knit groups in both Big Bear and Orange County is to force myself to get out more and be more social.  

Still, it actually hurts each week when we leave on Tuesday not to return until Thursday afternoon.  I love my job, and it would hurt to give that up, too.  It makes me feel as though i'm actually making a difference in the world.  And to give that up would be detrimental.  

But it is still very had for me to leave Sugarbear on Tuesdays.  



Kathi said...

Hey - your back on the grid! Good to see you writing again!

I thought about you and the hunt for Dorner. It must have been a bit nerve wracking to have all that going on around you.

The snow looks lovely. There are times when I miss the snow. I know the kids would love more around here. But I'll settle at looking at pictures for now.


Kathryn said...

Thanks, Kathi. :)

His vehicle was found some 7-10 miles from us, so i didn't think we were in danger at all.

I enjoy the snow, too, but mostly i look at it out our window. :)