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10 February 2013

Strange Events

So Cal has had a killing spree, allegedly by Chris Dorner, a former Navy Seal and LAPD officer.  He has been going after folks, or the family of folks, he holds responsible for losing his LAPD job.

In a weird twist, on Thursday his vehicle was found burning in this area (about 5 miles from us as the crow flies, probably 8 by the road).  We have a huge manhunt going on here with something like 100 sheriff, police, marshall and FBI forces here.  Duane of course is not involved in this search.  They have used the Search and Rescue folks a little bit at the Command Post, tho.

We had a heavy snow Friday.  I think we got about 15 inches here.

I think Dorner is long gone.  I think he set the fire and left.  It is obvious he had this planned out in advance.  The fire is a diversion and has personnel focused on this area.  He is probably lying low somewhere else while they do a house to house search in this area.  Others think he might be dead, if he tried to live out this storm with no training.

I never felt any sense that we could possibly be in danger here, but Duane was diligent to check the house before he'd let me in, and to keep the doors locked.  He also talked about the amount of money the county is having to spend hosting this search.  San Bernardino County is the largest in square miles in California.  It doesn't have a huge population for the size, and is a County struggling more than most.  I hope they can wrap this up soon.



kare said...

We've been thinking about and praying for you two..more since hearing of this situation.

Linda said...

I thought of you when I heard his truck was found in the area, and that they were doing house to house searches. Such a strange situation! Like you, I pray there is an end to this soon.

Be safe!