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08 March 2013

So, i've not had my quiet week at home.

I didn't get done the things i planned.  I've been pretty exhausted.  It does make me very aware that if something happened and we both were disabled we'd be in real trouble.  I wouldn't be able to do a lot.  I've been totally worn out from driving and trying to keep up.  I guess i'm buying trouble that isn't there, but it did make me very aware of how things could be.   I worked very, very hard to prevent them from using a fluoroquinolone antibiotic.  Not that they suggested one, but i wasn't about to let them give it.

He made different choices than i would have.  I wouldn't do antibiotics at all.  But then, i probably would have opened it myself and used Manuka honey long ago.  That is okay.  I support his decisions. He's on the mend.

The first Nurse Practitioner, Melissa, impressed both of us.  She was concerned that if it got any worse, Duane was looking at a hospital stay.  The second NP, Joyce, did not impress either of us that much.  She was not near as cautious with sterile protocol.  We'd also commented to Melissa at our surprise that she didn't wash her hands before putting on her gloves.  She told us that OSHA wanted them to wash outside the room, it was weird, etc.  We had quite a discussion.

So then, yesterday, Joyce washed her hands in the room and so we again expressed surprise.  When we told her that our understanding was that OSHA had changed regulation she said, "You've been watching too much TV."

I was very disappointed in her.  The nurse on Monday told me she thought we'd like Joyce a lot because she is even more open to natural health than Melissa.  That comment about watching TV was uncalled for, and demeaning.


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