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08 July 2013

Some thoughts

A friend posted this at Facebook last night.

I don't disagree with it, but i have some reservations about it.  I think life is 75% my choices.  I think that the rest of the percentage is 15% choices other people make and i have no control over, and 10% good or damn bad luck.

Get hit by a car running a red light?  That was not my choice.  Being in a bank when it was being held up?  Again, not my choice.  Growing up in an unloving family?  Not my choice.

It was my choice six years ago to fill a prescription given me by a doctor at the emergency room.  I did not research the drug in advance.  I trusted and i took it.  My life has never been the same since.  I have since learned that i am one of a huge number of people damaged by this drug that is given out so easily, but should not be.  There are whole support groups out there (mostly online, largely due to the limitations created by this drug) of people whose lives have been destroyed.

I don't like my life very much right now.  I have a lot for which i am thankful.  But there are so many things i want to DO - and so many ways i've had to cut back on dreams - all because of the damage that has been done.  I've not sat by idly letting life go by.  I've been on a pursuit to recover from the damage.

But changing my life will be much more than simply making different choice.  Sometimes these quotes are just too simplistic for the reality in which we live.



lisa said...

I agree, but one thing to remember is never give up on your dreams and keep going forward, because life isn't worth living if you don't have something to dream about!

Kathryn said...

Yes, that's true, Lisa, but it can be disheartening to dream of something that i know, at least right now, isn't possible.