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27 July 2013

The Saga, the Drama, the Pain

I did mention that i spent hours and hours choosing the dress i'm to wear to the wedding, right?  I ordered a second dress that will arrive in a few weeks as it is being made to order.  It is a dark green, which goes well with my hair.  I'm knitting a lace shrug to go over it.  The bridal colors are burgundy and gold, and i made my choices specifically to avoid looking like part of the bridal party (tho those are not colors i'd choose voluntarily, anyway).

Oh, i'm still in dispute with the company that sent the first dress.  They weren't doing anything.  I upgraded the dispute to claim at Paypal.  They offered me $16, which is less than 20% of the cost of this dress.  Paypal urged me to take it because i "might not receive anything" when they have researched my claim.  Except the dress sent to me is NOT the dress i ordered and i don't think i should have to settle like this.  If they had offered $60, i probably would have settled.  If Paypal does not settle in my favor they will hear from me and i'll close the Paypal account.  The point of Paypal is to have them protect the consumer.

Yesterday morning i got a call from my SIL.  Wanting to know if i would like to be a bridesmaid.

! ! ! ! !

What could i say?  The truth is that . . . . . . . . . dare i say it?  I'd rather not.  But i can't say that, can i?  She's suppose to send me a link to the dress her maid of honor has chosen.  I haven't received it yet.  I'm anxious all over again.  Choosing dresses for this wedding has been a major source of anxiety for me, i don't know why.  I thought that was all over and behind me.  Sigh.  I can't cancel the dress i've ordered, BTW.  I've spent $280 on dresses i won't be able to wear.

Have i mentioned my wedding dress cost $45 and i spent another $50 on lace and beads i added to it?

I discovered later she'd sent me a TEXT asking this the day before and somehow i'd missed it.

Because i was rather ruffled over this, i didn't tell Duane right away.  When i did, he laughed and laughed and laughed.  Well, we laughed together.  We agreed that this time it isn't our timing that sucks.

Life is a comedy, isn't it?

I sprained my hip last week.  Evidently poisoning by fluoroquinolone drugs messes with your dna and mitochondria and has lifetime possibility for injury.  I was sitting!  I wasn't in pain while sitting, but when i got up later it was bad.  Probably the ligaments in the joint capsule were strained.  It was excruciating for the first 48 hours.  After that i did begin to heal rapidly, tho i stayed home this week and have been careful.

I did go to the ER because the pain was so bad i had to rule out a stress fracture.  I have a pretty high pain tolerance, and the pain was at an 8 constantly (there was no position in which it was comfortable) and jumping to 10 when i moved.  My R leg wouldn't move and i had to grab the front of my jeans to pull it forward.  The X-ray tech was rude.  She wanted me to walk to X-ray and when i told her i was hurting too much for that she said, "We all feel like that every day."  ???  Say what?  SHE was walking!  I was having trouble resting in the position she needed, so she began pushing on my leg to try and make it lie flat!  If i'd been moving better i might have throttled her.  However, this all now gives me some perspective.  It was not broken, and if this happens again, give it 48 hours or so, time to see if i begin recovering, before seeking medical attention.

An ER doesn't know what to do with me anyway.  Someone in that much pain wants meds, usually, whereas i do not.  I did take some cherry juice, ginger, and other anti-inflammatory supplements for this, but never took so much as an ibuprofen.  The doc asked, "So why are you here?"  To which i replied, "To rule out a break."  They also ruled out blood clot.  I find this all so ironic, however, because in the days when i was seeking pain meds (for migraine usually and about once every 18 months, so not frequent) they treated me as if i was malingering and med-seeking.  Sigh.

It is difficult for me to exercise because of the fatigue issue.  But i'm seeing how much of the edge of a knife i walk - it takes almost nothing to incapacite me.  Which means i need to be stretching and doing some exercise if i want to avoid being an elderly person 30 years before my time.

I saw the doc last week (the day before the hip injury) and because i'd been having hip pain she'd written a script for X-ray and bone density test.  She also said we are going to be doing boo-koo (no idea how to spell that) labs to try and see what my actual deficiencies are and what i should be supplementing, and how well my metabolism is working.  Hopefully with this info, we can re-create the positive effects i had in early May.



Kathi said...

Oh, Kathryn. It must all be so frustrating. The timing, the dress, money, pain... It's good that you're able to laugh a little bit about some of it.

Sending you warm thoughts and hoping you're feeling better soon.

Mrs. Mac said...

Sending a gently hug and prayer that you find some type of answers about your metabolism and can get the correct supplements. I never used to give much thought to supplements .. thinking a proper diet should be sufficient .. but after Andrew's turnaround and improved health I can see the benefits of them. The dress fiasco is a pity. But, I hope it will bring a chuckle in years to come. ...Remember when .... Have a blessed week. xx C

lisa said...

I sure hope this next dress is just perfect! I hope they find good results.