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12 November 2016

Today was a hard one

Ironically, it was also the 100th day (give or take, i missed a few) of the "Life is Good" series on Facebook.

Having 3 kitties is a challenge.  And today they made a huge amount of work for me.  Laundromat - i've not done that for years and years.  So i spent nearly all my energy on that.  And i'm just so tired that it is a real struggle.

However, one new treatment i am trying seems to be giving me a bit more energy.  I drove Duane's new Xterra for the first time today.  (I was less than a mile from home.  I don't drive outside a 2 mile radius, and only if i am feeling very well.)

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Life continues to be good, lovely, beautiful, regardless of how i feel.

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