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02 February 2009

Another Week

It is Monday, so we are down the hill again.

As i feared, no baby for us. Wishful thinking. I am beginning to think that i "talk myself" into having symptoms if i'm a few days late. It is a little hard not to be bitter. Dean & Megan are expecting their baby any day now.

When i was pregnant with Kaylee i began collecting a few items. I held on to them for a long time. I have now given most of them away. If we do have a baby i can began again. Maybe, until i let go & give them all up it won't happen for us. But this almost sounds superstitious. And i've a couple of things i don't want to give away!

A family moved into the house across the street from us. They've three kids. The two older ones were at our house for a little while Saturday. It was fun. I remember as a kid how much i enjoyed visiting a neighbor lady.

We visited the Catholic Church Sunday. We decided if we just have to leave the Lutheran that it will be a viable alternative for us, but to work to be able to stay at the Lutheran Church. It is obvious to us the priest at the Catholic preaches the gospel & pulls no punches for what is God's Word. But it is a big church, & feeling like we are part of it would be a challenge. At the Lutheran we are a major part because it is such a small congregation, but we feel like part of a family community. And as a family community, i need to try to find a way to be more comfortable there. What i mean is - you don't walk away from family without trying to mend relationship & fix the fences. So, i need to make an appt to talk to Gene. Part of my hesitation to do so was that i feared such a meeting would make me have to leave. But i think i'm not giving him enough credit. We've always managed before.

End of a long day. Good night! (I know this will show a post about noon, but i've spent all day on it & it is now 7.30. I'm done with work - going "home" to my in-laws.)


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David said...

much to pray about here, i just moved to Calvary chapel, i love it and would enjoy talking to you about it. Peace, and wholeness to you. may I recommend Jayleigh's blog
link in my sidebar.