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15 February 2009

Sunday Down the Hill

Well, it is Sunday, & we are down the mountain. Sigh.

There is a heavy storm predicted for Sunday night, Monday, into early Tuesday AM. The report says 1 to 2 ft of snow & "blizzard like conditions" making travel "treacherous." Ha! I thought, stay home!

I mentioned the report to Duane Saturday night, & he said, "Should we leave early?"

"Early?" I thought. "Like 6 AM? What sense does that make?"

"Like Sunday," Duane said. I didn't realize he wasn't finished. And i have to admit, it NEVER would have occurred to me to think of Sunday. So i slept on it.

Waking this morning i told Duane, "There is nothing on earth i'd like to do less than go down the hill today."

"Okay," he replied, very calm.

"However," i continued, "it makes sense. If it would be dangerous to travel tomorrow, but we both need to be down, then i guess i can do it. BUT, since you will be working Monday AM, & i've not been having clients Wednesday AM, i want to come back . . . "

"Tuesday night?" he asked.

"No, i'll have clients late Tuesday. But i want to come back as early as possible Wednesday AM."

So we reached a compromise. We are down the hill. We tried to use the time to visit with a couple of different friends today, but that didn't pan out.

I've got to make plans to say home some week before long, however. I'm tired & want to be home. Will work this in some how!


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