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21 February 2009

This 'n That

I think i could title all my posts this way!

Dean & Megan had a little girl yesterday. They named her Meredith Noel, she was 8 lbs 11 oz & born healthy at 12.43 PM. I'm happy for them. And wistful.

The meeting with Gene (our pastor) happened yesterday. All in all i think it was positive. We discussed 4 or 5 issues. I've talked of some of them here, but the post i wrote in really full detail Duane thought was too negative to be on a public forum & i moved it else where.

First, one of my major concerns was on a theological point. Gene & i had had a discussion a long time ago, & i misunderstood something he said & that misunderstanding colored much of what i heard him preach thereafter. So if i can just get my mind around the idea & rethink my thoughts i may feel better about what i'm hearing in his sermons.

The last thing we talked about was a liturgical issue, & he easily & readily agreed with me, & i hope it is less a problem in the future. If it is not, he said "call him on it," & if i don't Duane probably will.

The stuff we discussed between first & last was not resolved & probably will not be. One of the items i dropped quickly as i can see there would be no agreement on it. (On the use of "shaming" which i feel is bad manipulation. His feeling is that if he speaks the truth & the person feels "shamed" the Holy Spirit is convicting. I don't agree, but we won't agree on that. But if it doesn't happen too much i can live with that one.) Most of the things we disagreed on were not the ones so important, probably. It was the theological & liturgical issues i felt most important. The other ones i can live with, probably. He still said a couple of things i'm not that comfortable with, but i can give it a few months to see how it plays out.

Which is a good thing because Duane has a number of council-driven responsibilities that he would not be able to walk away from.

I was reading a blog last weekend (Triple the Scraps) on righteousness. The date was 15 February if the link doesn't take you right there. I think what caught me was this quote:
R.C. Sproul says “The struggle we have with a Holy God is rooted in the conflict between God’s righteousness and our unrighteousness. He is just, and we are unjust.” At the time it seemed to really speak to me.

Don't think i've much more to say now. Of course i'm bound to think of something later!



David said...

sometimes I react to the "we are bad people messages" but more often to the "other people do not worship the right way" implications. I am glad you have some resolutions.

Kathryn said...

Yeah, well those are some of the things i have problems with, too. Don't know that they will stop, but i hope i can live with it for now.