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06 March 2009

Cat Stories

When we first got Jazz, he had a small smudge of black hairs on the top of his head. He was almost named Smudge because of it. The folks we got him from assured us that as he got older they would fade & go away. You can see the smudge in this pic.

When we moved to Big Bear & Jazz got bigger we found that the people who gave him to us were right, the smudge was disappearing. But one day, to our surprise, we came home & found that the smudge had grown! Which makes no sense . . . until you realize Jazz liked to play in the fireplace in the new house! He didn't care much for the baptism that followed!

I'm having trouble getting blogger to put the pics where i want them!)

There is not much story behind these two pics. Jazz is fussing because Mac is where he can't join him. So he takes the next best solution.

We had the book club at Church last night. We often meet at our house, but that wasn't planned this month. That's ok, 'cause i hadn't finished the book, & i'd not done any more spring cleaning, so i would have been going crazy yesterday trying to be ready. As it was, i only had the book to finish (didn't quite get there).

The book is The Case for the Real Jesus by Lee Stobel. It is well done & researched. I don't think it is a book you can cover in one session. I think it should be covered chapter by chapter. Very good resource material. I talked them into reading Stars in My Crown next month, tho we can't get them thru the library. I bought several inexpensive second-hand books, & it may take a couple of weeks for them to arrive. The shipping costs were more than the books.

I need to be making lists of things to do. Also, i forgot that Duane wants to eat vegetarian for Fridays for Lent, so didn't have much planned. Well, i did, but until he reminded me about Friday Vegetarian i forgot & was planning meat-based stuff for him. We are going to town this afternoon. Shopping, return a book, & a movie. So i need to go get things done.



David said...

your cats make me miss my old pal "patches"


David said...

do you have enough firewood?
its cold now with that wind
is the answer to your question

Kathryn said...

Thanks David -

We seem to have enough wood, thanks. When do you want your containers back? We're going to see Watchers tonight (this afternoon) want to join us?

Thanks for the info.

Amrita said...

awwww he is so cute