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07 March 2009

Movie NOT to See : (

Watchmen. Duane & i enjoy sci-fi & fantasy. We usually go see the "superhero" movies. We both really enjoyed Ironman. I didn't notice that Watchmen was rated R. NOR did i notice that it runs 2 hours 45 minutes. I had seen a couple of previews that made me wonder if i'd like it & i knew it could be violent. But i thought it was something Duane would like & thought i could try it. I have to say that within the first 5 minutes i knew that this was not a good idea, & within 20 minutes i was wondering if there was somewhere i could hang out & wait for Duane until it was over.

Let's just say it was Friday the 13th gory. I looked away or had my hand over my eyes for about 1/3rd of the movie. It has a "storyline" & plot that is incomprehensible. AND it is simply gory. Deep into the movie Duane told me we could go. I checked my phone for the time, & it had already run 1-1/2 hours. Thinking it only had about 20 minutes left to run & they might somehow miraculously pull it together to make some sense, we stayed. Mistake. I will say there was about 20 minutes near the end where there was a glimmer of sense & a thin thread of something understandable. Had the whole movie been more like that, it might have been worth watching - tho i doubt it.

I know there are plenty of bad movies made. I try to avoid them. This is one of the worst i've ever seen. Many years ago i saw Another Brick in the Wall. It was also incomprehensible with a storyline impossible to follow. This one rivals that as the most obscure, inane, pointless movie i've ever seen.

Hope i've saved you from something horrible - but i doubt many others will make the mistake to begin with. Tho some did. There were children in that audience, which had both Duane & i cringing.

It has been cold here. Last week was warm & most of the snow is gone, but our low last night was 13 F & the high yesterday was 39 F. With windchill it was even colder. The water i put out for the squirrels & birds has stayed frozen several days now. If precipitation comes in, we could yet see quite a lot of snow. I've slowly been reading older posts of friend David's blog (he's been doing this for some time) & in March 2006, the year before we moved here, they had a lot of March snow. Even tho a few trees have looked on the verge of leafing in the warmer weather we had in January & last week, i see no evidence of the tulips coming up. Duane & i both fear the trees will start too soon. We want to see fruit this year!

Yesterday i tried white asparagus for the first - & last - time. There are several veggies Duane claims have "no flavor." I don't agree, they have flavor to me, but they may be bland to some. White asparagus is my first experience with truly no flavor. Almost like eating snow, except it was warm, & a bit stringy. Even the butter & salt i added gave it no apparent flavor. Most unusual. I don't mind, over all, once. You never know until you try. Still, i have to wonder why they bother to grow & sell the stuff. Are there folks who actually like it? Oh well, i used part of it in my vegetarian Mexican Lasagna. Good filler.

Baking & cleaning today, i think! The sun is shining & the sky blue & it is 22 F out right now!


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