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01 April 2009

View From My Front Door

Day Three

(was i suppose to stick to ONE pic? LOL)

My day in pictures.

Thank you Amber!





Guess i'm kind of cheating here. I'm not feeling very well today, so am using some older pics.

We moved to Big Bear in Feb 07. Pic one is the view from the rented house. The view was the bet thing about the house. I've LOTS of good pics of that view.

We bought our house - we call it Sugarbear - in Jan/Feb 08. All our doors are sliding glass doors. Pics two & three are the big snow we had last December. (Remember, we are just 100 miles east of Los Angeles!)

Pic four is the neighbor's house, view from our front door. That is a coyote. She was pacing down our street & cut into their drive to get into the ravine behind their house.

Pic five is the storm we had about 10 days ago.



Anonymous said...

I cannot say that I miss our snow, but what a great view!

(we are moving to India for a new job for my husband)

joeybelle said...

Gotta love a fresh snow - even in April! :)

Wonderful photos!

Petula said...

Great pics... How beautiful!

Oh, the mixing bowl was my grandmother's! I also have a small bright blue one from her. Thanks for reminding me that my bowl has history and it's even more special than it looks.

I hope you're feeling better.

Curly Muse said...

I am sooo Jealous... I only get to see mountains in Tenn when I visit my friend,...

I love your pictures how wonderful.

Farmer Gal said...

Thanks for stopping over. Your pictures look like we could be living in the same place! But we're not... I'm over in Colorado.
Sorry for the lack of 'bio'... I'm still working out the organizational kinks on my site. If you go to the home page and then click on the link that says 'Who I Am' or 'Farm Animals' there's a bit of information about us.

Kathy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

We have no cats - husband is allergic and I can't find one who makes more money than he does. We do have two dogs, though, and a gerbil along with the bird. Keeps things lively!

Kristie said...

What a beautiful view!

My picture was actually doctored up a bit using Picnik. It was pretty boring otherwise. LOL!

Amber, That's Me! said...

That coyote is awesome- I can't believe you can see that from your door!

Sally said...

Wow - what a spectacular place! Simply beautiful!

BeeHappy said...

Your photos are excellent! Love the second one!