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02 June 2009

Gonna post early!

Lynnette Kraft usually does a "Wednesday Walk" of some memories, remembrances, looks at the past. And i usually get 'round to it late on Wednesday when it is already Thursday in the Eastern parts of the country. So i'm going to get a jump on it now.

Last year we had a very late snow the end of May. I've mentioned it before because the heavy freeze that went with it killed all the apples on our tree & we have lamented that ever since!

On 2 June last year we were headed down the hill & stopped to take this pic. I wanted to record how much snow was still on the
mountain on that date. These are not our near mountains. You go over (around, actually) Sugarloaf mountain & look across the valley to see this.

Anyway, we went down yesterday 1 June, & we stopped to get this pic
'cause i wanted to compare. Here it is. We haven't had snow now since early April, i think. I believe this to be about the same spot as last year. The angle isn't quite the same.

There we have it, this year & last. Kind of boring, but i guess it's interesting to me! :)

Ah, i just realized i didn't explain - we drive by this every week. It is on our route down the hill to work. We only see this view when going down, because when coming home it is behind us. :)



Anonymous said...

Awesome you went there last year and this year!!

Sally-Ann said...

love the comparison photos. I love the snow, but prefer to look at it at a distance or in photos!!

Linda said...

Wow! What a beautiful view! It must be nice to have those mountains close by,...(spoken by a lady who lives in the flatlands of Kansas).

Thanks for joining in today.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

April said...

How beautiful - we don't see views like that in the Midwest :(

Meadowlark said...

Snow on the mountain (actually LACK of it) is the planting sign around here. Don't plant until Black Butte is bare.

I cheated this year because we had mid 80s for a week. Bet I regret it when we get a frost next week!!!

Neat shots.

and no, not CA, but they use the same terms here! 5150

byhisgracealone said...

anytime you take a picture of the mountains...IT IS NOT BORING...I am not yelling at you with those caps....just letting you know how much I love the mountains....never ever boring....

I moved from NYS to Colorado in 1980 and lived there until 1992.
there is not a mountain range that compares to those magnificnet Rocky Mountains....and I DO miss them...

since moving east to NYS, the Adirondacks arent nearly as exhilarating,(sp?) so I do venture down to the Blue Ridge at least twice a year and am hoping to venture to the Smokies in Sept.

thanks for posting the pics...they are indeed beautiful..

Holly said...

What a beautiful view! Thank you for sharing it! I'd love to see that every day! Although I'm sure it's kinda hilly and that wouldn't do my ears any good.

BrunetteKoala said...

If it wasn't so sunny, that could be Scotland!!

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Beautiful pictures...what a view!

Verna said...

Love the mountains. We don't see anything like that here in flat Illinois.
I loved taking photos while we were in Arizona. The snow capped mountains were so beautiful!

Lynnette Kraft said...

Hi Kathryn. Wow, what a view! I'm jealous (but not really). :)

Thanks for sharing the lovely pics.

PS Your cats are too cute.

Amrita said...

Breath taking view. Kathryn. I wish I was there