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19 June 2009

More random stuff - no it's all complaints!

For someone with dyslexia, i read a lot. Blogs, books, newsletters, email. Lots of stuff.

I've never been formally diagnosed, but i do the word reversals, letter reversals, have trouble with right & left, & other issues characteristic of dyslexia. I also reverse letters as i'm typing, mixing my left & right hand letters, but i usually catch that quickly. I also have another form, it has a label but i don't remember what it is. It is where i read a word from the sentence below the one i'm reading & so it confuses me, sometimes.

I tend to read with one eye, because if i use both they often won't converge & i see two different lines of print.

Several years ago i took a class on mentoring others to read. At one point she was talking about this label of the name i don't remember. She said, "People with this issue will see wavy patterns on a flat wall." And i gasped, "You mean that's not normal?"

All my life i assumed that my word/letter reversals & reading words from other sentences was "laziness" on my part. I was in too much of a hurry to read it right.

Over all, this hasn't caused a great deal of difficulty in my life. It is not severe. No great difficulty beyond telling someone to turn right when i mean left, or causing me to read a little slower. (When i put the word "dsylexia" in my search engine & it asked me "Do you mean 'dyslexia'?" i had to read it about 4 times before i found my mistake.)

A year or so there was an email going around where nearly all the words had the proper letters but in mixed up order & most people can read it just fine. So, with the exception of spelling tests as a child, i don't think there has been a lot of problem. I do think it caused some of my problem in reading music & difficulty with learning both violin & piano.

My point here is kind of whinging, however. I read a lot of blogs, & some don't use any paragraph breaks. When i come across that page of black print my mind panics. Usually i end up skimming it & moving on. I can't read those pages. Too many words to get mixed up. Somehow paragraph breaks help me maintain my place on the page. Not having them is like trying to eat a block of concrete.

While i'm complaining - grammar!!! "Her & her husband" "They're place" "You're pet" i could go on & on. Don't the schools teach this stuff any more? Oh, well. Let me just say that grammar does matter because folks will consider the writer uneducated if really poor grammar are the building blocks used. Some believe it doesn't matters too much, but it does make it hard to read. Lots of folks have really interesting stories, but i find that if i'm bogged down by the grammar i have a hard time getting thru it.

I've edited this numerous times now, since i'm complaining of grammar i want to make sure mine is right!

Ok, can you tell i'm still a bit tired from the trip? :)

The pics have nothing to do with my rant. They are just some Duane took on the way home & i think they're cool.



hayesatlbch said...

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David said...

tell duane, good job on the pics.
Thank you for reading my blog
I have LOTS of breaks
and meeting you both was a happy break in my life

Stacey said...

I have to tell you that I have the same reaction when I click on a blog and see a huge block of text with no paragraph breaks. It's so hard to jump in!

And I agree about spelling and grammar. I am an obsessive proofreader and it always bothers me to see mistakes in print. Just wanted you to know you're not alone! :)