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20 July 2009


I'm feeling particularly grumpy tonight.

We had a beautiful sunset & i went to get the camera & it wasn't where it belonged. I looked a couple of places it doesn't belong but might be. Not there either. Duane had it with him.

The sunset was really glorious, tho.

Also, next week is VBS. I always do the music with the kids (3rd year now) & i ALWAYS have to fight to get enough time. They seem so happy to have me do it, why do i have to fight for enough time? Children love to sing.

Our VBS isn't very big. We often have the same children year to year. I will have three new songs to teach them this year & do you know how much time they've given me on the schedule? Ten minutes. TEN MINUTES. I don't want to do this. And i haven't energy to fight for it.

On a nice note, Duane & i "camped out" last night. We've a big hammock on the upstairs deck outside his office. We put on a foam pad & some sheets, took out our pillows & duvet cover & slept under the stars. Too bad that my eyes are so blind i really couldn't see them. We were lucky, it didn't rain. Sunday AM it rained for a little while about 5.30 AM.

It was lovely! And it only dropped to 55 F, so we didn't freeze!



Rosemary said...

ten minutes for three songs? Yikes, I don't blame you for being peeved about that.

I am jealous of sleeping under the beautiful canopy of stars, oh, that sounds marvelous!

David Edward said...

hope the VBS works out for you, God bless.

Land of shimp said...

VBS. VBS. Hmmm. Yes, still drawing a complete blank, but I hope it works out well for you.

How lovely to camp out, and not too far from the fridge!

You know, the funny thing about sunsets (I live near mountains, and see some incredible ones), the pictures we take never capture them adequately. I've seen some great pictures of sunsets, don't get me wrong, but I always end up wondering how breathtaking they must have really been in person, at the time.

As dorky as it sounds, I think some things just aren't easily captured. Even when you can find the camera (which I never can! I think it secretly has legs!)

Kathryn said...

Sorry, "VBS" stands for "vacation Bible school," where the kids come for a morning & play games & having a Bible story. And sing songs.

It isn't just the 3 new songs. I have 10 other ones that were used in previous years that the kids loved & they know those songs. So we won't be able to use them much.

It will be ok. If nothing else i can kind of ignore the schedule. It will work out, but i can't help but wonder why i have to fight this same issue over & over.

And, yes, pics are often not nearly as good as the real thing. But it is fun to try. :)

Land of shimp said...

It truly is fun to try because every now and then, you take one that ends up surprising you!

Ah, now that makes perfect sense! Don't fret about the schedule too much, after all, it would take a superheated version of curmudgeon to give kids the bum's rush off stage!

You know what they say -- we mortals become nervous when things are too easy, therefore we must complicate them!

Unknown said...

Sleeping under the that is the life! Sounds like you and Duane are free spirits!