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18 July 2009

Two favorite pics

When my family first moved to Montana, i had just turned 8. I was told that it was very beautiful & where we would be living had "mountains all around it."

So i was disappointed when we first arrived in Bozeman. Yes, there were mountains all around, but the distant mountains were 75 miles away or more. I had been picturing a narrow valley with mountains close by.

I got over the disappointment, of course. And i do think Bozeman very beautiful. But i never forgot that original expectation of "mountains all around." Big Bear is rather like that.

When i was growing up i never learned to ski. So i didn't spend much time in Bridger Canyon where the ski hill was located. But when Duane & i honeymooned in Yellowstone & later Bozeman, we stayed at a B&B in Bridger Canyon. It was there i saw the "mountains all around." These are two pics of that canyon. It was what i had imagined i would be moving to. And, if i were independently wealthy & could live wherever i wanted, this would be it.

A funny story from that move to Montana. I thought i'd told it before, but i can't find it.

On our trip to Bozeman, we stopped at Custer's Battlefield, since politically-correctly renamed the Little Bighorn Battlefield. This national monument is in eastern Montana. I rode most of the trip with mother, Sis #2 (who was 4-1/2) rode most of the way with daddy.

(As retold by daddy):

When we were maybe half an hour past the battlefield, Sis #2 asked, "Daddy, are there Indians in Montana?"

The reply was, yes, there are Indians in Montana.

Perhaps 20 minutes passed, & Sis #2 asked, "Daddy, are there bears in Montana."

The reply again was, yes, there are bears in Montana.

Some time passed & Sis #2 said, "Daddy, i don't think we should move to Montana."

When asked why, Sis stated, "If the Indians don't get us, the bears will!"

I can add that at 8 years old i really hadn't any idea what we were moving to. We had been told many stories & i expected wild country. It was rather tame to drive into town & stay at the Best Western. I think i'm a generation behind those that thought all the "west" was wide open plains, ranches, rodeos, & Indian raids. (Largely because of the presentation of Hollywood of those things.) But i think many of the stories my young uncles told before we left must have reflected these ideas.



Kelle at The Never Done Farm said...

Yes, I've driven this road many times.

Cortney's camp orignates in Bozeman, we live 65 miles south of Billings, about 1-1/2 hours from Bozeman.

The pictures are beautiful and I love the pictures of winter where you are now.

Thanks for stopping into our blog, look forward to your future comments.

Reesacat said...

What lovely pictures-I love the moutains:)


Jana said...

Great pics. And such a cute story.