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30 July 2009

Much better day

For whatever reason, today went much better. Probably all the prayers folks are so kindly sending up on my behalf.

Also, i didn't try to do music in the prayer park.

I'm home now, vegging on the couch with a couple of kitties sitting right beside me! This is something as neither are lap cats. They do like to be "near the people" but not usually in touching distance. If i'm upstairs most often they are too, also if i'm downstairs they are usually somewhere near. I think they've missed me the past couple of days. Which is kind of funny seeing as they are on their own across 3 days of the week. But Jazz is even letting me pet him, which is highly unusual.

I can't stay here too long. I have a bill that must get in the mail today or we face big penalities, so i'm going to drive it to the P.O. But it is kind of pleasant here now with the cats.

Today i took lots of pictures (well, 146) of the kids & staff. I can't show most of them of course, but here is our "Mister Moses." He played Moses for the 10 Commandments last year & they asked him back this year to do the stories again, tho the stories are Daniel in the lion's den, David & Golaith, & Zaccheus.

My memory is that he did really well last year. But this morning i listened to part of it & it seemed way over the children. We have a number of 4 year olds, & their attention span was short. My thought was actually that i could tell that he had taught college age. :) But i only caught part, & i remember before & how good he was in engaging the children in his story. Also, as our Pastor pointed out, each day the kids are a bit more tired & pushing the limits.

It went very well today. No uncomfortable conversations & i didn't get too tired, at least while i was there. I did have a plan B to leave after the AM music & let another person (she said she would) take over the music, but i didn't need to.

Right now i need to get the bill in the mail & then probably take a nap. Duane will be home later today. :)

Thank you for your prayers, good thoughts, good energy, & encouragement. I appreciate it.


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Because of Love said...

Looks like you have been busy VBSing. :)

I wanted to thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for leaving a comment. The extra encouragement was such a blessing today.