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05 October 2009

I'm spoilt

A lot has been going on, but not that much to write about.

Thursday we got home & it was cold! Lit a fire that night for the 2nd time so far this fall. Friday we went to Oktoberfest with some friends for "locals" night. We didn't stay late. Duane & Elaine entered the log sawing contest & got 3rd place. We didn't take our camera so don't have pics. But i wore braids & Duane got pics of that. I'll post them eventually. And i've got the log they cut off.

Saturday AM we got our 3 cord delivery. They were suppose to arrive at 8, but came at 7. (That is AM!!!) The pile is big & most of it will have to be cut before it is stacked. I'll post a pic of that too.

I didn't get the massage i was suppose to last week, so David kindly volunteered to give me one on Saturday. It felt soooo good, but i was still achy & hurting afterward. Made me wonder what i have done. And he helped Duane drag the glass over to put a temporary greenhouse over our tomatoes. Another pic to take.

Saturday was also Duane's grandma's 90th birthday & the family had a party yesterday & we went down for that. We also went to another party for a friend's 4 year old & Duane got to visit with some friends he rarely sees. We were gone all day. I hate going down the hill when we don't have to, but it was good to see family & for Duane to have a chance to see friends. Duane's grandma is confused a lot of the time & she was some yesterday too, but she understood it was her birthday & was in good form.

I was able to get a massage (the one owed me) today, too. I was still hurting after he worked on me, but now that i've been moving around some since i don't ache as much. Also, on Sat. David worked on a scar on my leg & i noticed a huge difference when Daniel worked on me today. David did really great work on it for it wasn't painful today as it usually is. :) So i guess it took two massages from skilled folks to get me going.

Lots of emotions, too, but i'll write of them another time. Duane is waiting for me. We recorded & are going to watch the premier of Stargate Universe. :) We both like scifi.


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Land of shimp said...

Oh my goodness, a 7 a.m. delivery would go over like a trap door in a canoe around here. Not wildly popular :-) I'm the closest thing to a morning person this house sports, and I'm telling you, I'm not sure how capable of pleasantries I'd be.

What did you think of SGU? We watched it, and it was rather awful in parts, but in other areas it was unexpectedly good, and intriguing. A nice spin on the old premise.

I do wish they'd skipped the ancient stones being brought along. This Stargate has a completely different tone, and it's better to just go with that, I think. It sort of smacked of plot device.

Oh, one thing I found really surprising? The young actress playing Chloe really got to me when she was hammering on the door, yelling for her dad. I've occasionally teared up over the original Stargate series, never over the Atlantis one though, so I had to hand it to the writing crew.

The medic needs a different hairdo! She's a good character, I like the actress, there's potential there, but she had the most distracting hair!!

Kathryn, I can't find your email addy, so I'll just leave mine here